Get to know the features and popular games of WIN FAST

WIN FAST is a popular game provider that develops casino games. Their specialty is Pachislot-style slot games, like Hawaiian Dream, one of their most well-known games. Reminiscent of the Okinawa style of slot machine, Hawaiian Dream shook the online casino industry.

On this page, we’ll take a closer look at WIN FAST and their products, and how they came to develop games that are so well-received by Japanese people. So if you’re curious about the history and development of WIN FAST, read on!

Who is WIN FAST?

WIN FAST was founded in Hong Kong in 2018 when it operated under the name JTG (Japan Technical Games). As JTG they were involved in creating Pachinko and Pachislot development, even before joining the world of online casino games.

When they started producing online slot games the culture was heavily dominated by Western style slots. The market was ready for a new trend…. Enter WIN FAST and their games that faithfully emulated the look and feel of Pachislots. You could even say that games with Japanese slot culture in mind is part of their DNA.

Their first pachislots, created in partnership with Golden Hero, were an explosive hit and earned them recognition as a world-class game provider. In 2022 they rebranded, changing the name to WIN FAST, though many people still remember them as JTG.

Features of WIN FAST games

WIN FAST’s mission is to develop games that bring “joy, fun, and excitement” to players around the world. They’re passionate about their games, and you can sense their passion with every spin of the reels.

Pachinko style slots

WIN FAST slots bare more than a passing resemblance to pachislots, with their 3x3 reels and 5 paylines. The game design and mechanics are well-known to anyone with an interest in pachislots. The resemblance goes well beyond appearance, with pachislot gameplay elements and sound design included, making their games irresistible to pachislot fans.

Unique feature mechanics

WIN FAST games has developed a number of unique features that show up in most of their games, so if you spot one of these features you know you’re playing a game by WIN FAST. For example Win Multipliers increase the size of your wins and can occur several times in a row for really massive wins. Respin & Rush is one of the key features of their games, triggering continuous respins, and Rising X adds increasing multipliers until the bonus round ends.

Easy for beginners to understand

Pachislot style games can be very confusing, but WIN FAST games tend to be very simple with few complicated rules and mechanics, and usually include very detailed explanations of how each game is meant to flow. Japanese beginners already have a head start, since pachislot style games are already so well known in Japan.

Additionally, WIN FAST designs their games for smartphones first, so they are all optimised to work on vertical screens!

WIN FAST’s most popular games

If you’ve never picked up a WIN FAST game, now is your chance! Don’t miss out on trying any of these legendary pachislot games.

Hawaiian Dream

If you want our opinion, Hawaiian Dream is WIN FAST’s masterpiece. The game reminds you of Okinawa style slot machines, with great sound design that pulls you into the game and makes you feel excited. If you love Pachislots, you owe yourself to play this game. Also, there now exists a version with a Jackpot feature, and if you haven’t tried that yet, run, don’t walk!

Oiran Dream

Oiran Dream is a pachislot with a bit more of a mature atmosphere. Apart from the regular features WIN FAST injects into their games, during the bonus feature, the Oiran (courtesans) appear wearing eye-popping cosplay outfits! A super-popular casino game for everyone to enjoy.

Battle Dwarf

Defeat monsters! Battle minions of darkness in Battle Dwarf! In this battling slot, you can take on monsters in battle mode, or play it safe. Your choices affect the value of your wins, with high risk bringing high rewards. Recommended for players looking for something a bit different.

In summary, we would recommend WIN FAST games to everyone, not just pachislot players. So if you like thoughtful, well-crafted games that are different from the games you know and love, then give WIN FAST games a try.

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