Refer a friend

The more the merrier!

At Vera&John, we believe the fun is greater when it’s shared, which is why you’ll receive a bonus reward when friends that you refer join Vera&John!

Do you have friends who share the same passion for casino games as you do? Then, refer them to Vera&John and you’ll receive a $50 bonus each time a friend you referred signs up and makes a deposit of at least $10, and wagers that amount!

Who can participate?

Users of Vera&John with a registered address in Japan, who have made a deposit of at least $10 on their Vera&John account (hereafter called "referrers") are entitled to participate in the Refer A Friend program.

Participants may refer only persons whom they know personally, such as their friends and acquaintances. Close relatives of the referrer (parents, siblings, children), persons living in the same household as the referrer, and persons giving the same email address as the referrer or using the same deposit account (same CC, bank account, e-wallet, mobile payment...) as the referrer will NOT be accepted as new customers.

How does Refer a Friend work?

On the Refer A Friend page, the referrer may submit the name and email address belonging to their friend or acquaintance.

The referred friend will then receive an email containing a link to a registration form on our site. The referred friend must click on this link, agree to the conditions of participation of the Refer A Friend program and register as a new customer by completing the registration form found at Vera&John. Additionally, the potential new customer must complete a single deposit of $10 or more.

For a referral to be successful, the referred friend must register for the first time at Vera&John as described above, and make a single deposit of at least $10 into their account before the end of the Refer a Friend promotion period.

The referrer will earn %rewardAmount% bonus with a standard 20x wagering requirement for every successfully referred friend as soon as their friend makes the required deposit on their new account.

The referred new customer will be entitled to receive the standard Vera&John welcome bonus only once and is not eligible for any other rewards related to being referred.

Final Provisions

By taking part in the Refer A Friend program, the new customer agrees that the referrer is informed about the registration as well as the deposit of the new customer, enabling the referrer to inform themselves about their success in the Refer A Friend program.

In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and in case of any violation of these conditions of participation, Vera&John reserves the right to exclude the respective registered user and/or the new customer from participating in the Refer A Friend program. In such a case, the customer loses the possible claim to the bonus reward.

Vera&John points out that the statement of incorrect data and/or misrepresentation is prohibited and will be reported to and prosecuted by the appropriate authorities and courts.

By accepting to participate in the Refer A Friend program the referrer also agrees that if they receive the bonus reward, they allow their display name to be used for promotional purposes.

Referrers and new customers have to settle their legal relationship exclusively among themselves. Vera&John does not accept liability in case of unauthorized passing on of a new customer's name and email address.

Vera&John reserves the right to change or cancel the Refer A Friend program at any time without prior notice.

Claims for damages raised by customers against Vera&John and/or its vicarious agents (e.g. for system breakdowns, defects, delay, manipulated or improper data transmission) are excluded unless they are based on intentional or gross negligence. If the customer is a consumer, the disclaimer is only valid for matters of slight negligence.

Unless stated otherwise in these conditions of participation, the Terms and Conditions of Vera&John are applicable both to the Refer A Friend program and the subsequent bets placed.

Employees of Vera&John as well as their relatives, friends and acquaintances are excluded from taking part in the Refer A Friend program.

General terms and conditions apply.