Terms and Conditions

Version: 3.5
Last Updated: 2024.04.12

1. General

This page constitutes www.verajohn.com web pages Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”), and every individual registered user using the site must accept these T&Cs without exception. These T&Cs and any document expressly referred to therein, constitute the agreement and understanding between the Parties and govern the contractual relationship between us and yourself. Please read these T&Cs carefully before making use of www.verajohn.com (the “Website”) and make sure you understand them. In case of disagreement with these T&Cs you should not use or continue using the Website. We also recommend that you familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy.

This Website is operated by Breckenridge Curaçao B.V. (“we”, “us” or “Breckenridge”), a company registered under the laws of Curaçao (registration number: 149132: Breckenridge Curaçao B.V.) whose registered office is at 39 Scharlooweg, Willemstad, Curaçao. Breckenridge has been granted a sub-license #8048/JAZ2021-180 by Antillephone, limited liability company organised and existing in Curaçao, registered under the laws of Curaçao, pursuant to Master Gaming License #8048/JAZ as of August 7th, 2022. In addition, Breckenridge operates the following websites under the same licence: www.yuugado.com and www.intercasino.com.

Breckenridge reserves the right to modify these T&Cs from time to time for a number of reasons, including to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as other regulatory requirements, consequently we may amend this agreement between you and Breckenridge at any time. Nevertheless, whenever a substantial amendment is made to the T&Cs, we will notify you via a notice on the Website upon account login. If you do not agree to be bound by the updated T&Cs you should contact Customer Support if you would like to close your account and withdraw any available balance. You can easily identify whether these T&Cs have changed by referring to the version number and the date of the current T&Cs stated at the top of this page.

These T&Cs include and incorporate a number of additional terms, as follows:

the game information (including any additional rules) applicable to any game you choose to participate in via our Website (which will be presented to you when you select a game to play) (the “Rules”).

Our promotional terms which apply to specific promotions or offers from time to time (“Promotional Terms”); and

Our Privacy Policy which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data we collect from you or that you provide to us.

You understand and agree to be bound by the clauses contained in these T&Cs as may be amended from time to time. You further acknowledge that by registering and using the Website or any other website that we may own from time to time, you are also bound by the Rules, Promotional Terms and Privacy Policy and it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted in full.

In the event of a conflict between these T&Cs, and any of the Rules, the Promotional Terms and/or the Privacy Policy, the order or preference shall be as follows to the extent of any such conflict only:

1.6.1 the Rules;

1.6.2 the Promotional Terms;

1.6.3 the Privacy Policy; and

1.6.4 the T&Cs.

2. Obligations, Mandatory Requirements and Responsibilities

By accepting the T&Cs and proceeding to register an account you declare and warrant that:

You register the account personally.

You are solely responsible for your account details including but not limited to the username and password and/or any other means to access your account via the Website. In the case of suspicion that your account details may have been compromised, you must inform us and take appropriate action to prevent any unauthorized access to any part of your account or any funds held therein.

You are at least 20 years old.

It is prohibited to gamble whilst being under the age of 20. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that any account is being operated in breach of the foregoing, the account will be closed immediately.

You may only open one account on the Website.

If you open or attempt to open more than one account, for whatever reason (including due to having self-excluded yourself from an existing account), we may, at our discretion, block or close any or all of your accounts, including voiding any wagers/bets (whether settled or unsettled) placed in the duplicate accounts and withhold or return any withdrawable funds in them.

You intend to participate on the Website on your own behalf and not on behalf of another person in your personal capacity for recreational and entertainment reasons only.

Vera&John casino is made available to players in your jurisdiction by Breckenridge Curaçao B.V. via www.verajohn.com and www.play.verajohn.com. Other casino sites operating under the Vera&John brand are made available by another third party operator in different jurisdictions via alternative website domain names. Breckenridge Curaçao B.V. is not responsible for the operation of those sites.

You are aware that the right to access and use the Website may be considered illegal in certain territories.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are permitted to use our Website in your territory. The availability of the Website in any particular jurisdiction does not constitute an offer or invitation by us to use the services offered on the Website. We do not permit accounts to be opened by, or used from, players based in the US, Netherlands, France, Dutch West Indies and Curaçao. For the avoidance of doubt, access and registration from territories that do not feature on the registration menu is strictly prohibited (“Prohibited Territories”).

Any attempt to circumvent this restriction, for example, by using a VPN, proxy or similar service that masks or manipulates the identification of your real location, or by otherwise providing false or misleading information regarding your citizenship, location or place of residence, or by making bets or wagers using the Website through a third party or on behalf of a third party located in a Prohibited Territory is a breach of these T&Cs and may constitute a criminal offence. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are accessing the Website from any Prohibited Territory, we may close your account without any obligation to provide you with advance notice.

You shall submit truthful, complete and accurate personal information as requested during registration and throughout the lifetime of your account including but not limited to your full name, home address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and relevant payment information. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that this obligation is upheld and information kept up-to-date. You are required to inform us as to any updates, as well as to keep up-to-date the mandatory information provided in the registration form in the event that such information changes.

You are solely responsible for reporting, accounting and paying any taxes which might be charged under relevant laws for any winnings that you receive from us. Breckenridge does not provide advise regarding tax and legal matters. Should you wish to obtain advice regarding tax and legal matters, you are advised to contact appropriate advisers and/or authorities in the jurisdiction in which you are domiciled/resident.

Where applicable, you shall be courteous to other players using the Website, as well as support personnel employed by Breckenridge and avoid rude or obscene comments. Use of the chat facility should strictly relate to our services and any queries related thereto. The non-observance of this term shall not be tolerated under any circumstance.

The Website uses Google Maps features and content including the Place Autocomplete service. This service is subject to the latest versions of the (1) Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service and (2) Google Maps Platform Terms of Service and (3) Google Terms of Service.

3. Account and Verification Checks

In order for you to be able to place bets and deposit money you must first register personally and open an account (the “Account”). You need to be registered on our Website in order to participate in any of the games we offer for real money. Breckenridge reserves the right to refuse to register or to open an Account at its sole discretion.

Only one Account for each individual, IP address and device is allowed. If we identify any user with more than one Account, we reserve the right to close any duplicate account(s), void any wagers/bets (whether settled or unsettled) placed in the duplicate accounts and withhold or return any withdrawable funds at our discretion.

As part of the registration process you will have to choose your username and password for your login into the Website. It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to ensure that your login details are kept securely. You must not disclose your login details to anyone. We are not responsible for any abuse or misuse of your Account by third parties due to your disclosure, whether intentional or accidental, whether active or passive, of your login details to any third party. Any actions implemented using your login details will be considered as being implemented by the User and any liability arising from such use shall be strictly yours. If third parties are aware of your login details, it is your sole responsibility to inform us and it is your sole responsibility to change such login details.

We reserve the right to perform background checks on any player and request any relevant documentation, at all times, and for any reason, including (but not limited to) any investigation into the identity of the player, any credit checks performed on the player or any inquiries into the player’s personal history as permitted by law. The basis for such inquiries will be dependent on the specific case, but could include (but is not limited to) verification of the player’s registration details, such as the name, address and age, occupation, verification of the player’s financial transactions, financial standing, source of wealth, source of funds and/or gaming activity. If you fail to provide Breckenridge with the requested documentation, or if the documents or any part thereof, are found to be false, fraudulent or misleading, Breckenridge reserves the right to block or close your Account and forfeit any balance on your Account within ninety (90) days from such request. Breckenridge is under no obligation to advise the player of such an investigation taking place. Such activities may include the use of specific third-party companies who perform investigations as required such as authorized credit reference agencies, identity verification services and/or fraud prevention agencies to confirm your identity. Breckenridge may decide at its sole discretion to terminate a player’s Account, and withhold any and all funds in such Account, on the basis that such an investigation provides a negative or uncertain conclusion. Any information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Breckenridge reserves the right to carry out additional identity verification procedures when effecting deposits or withdrawals from your Account as may be required in accordance with its legal obligations and internal policies, including asking for due diligence documentation. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents as part of any due diligence process are genuine. If you fail to provide Breckenridge with the requested documentation, or if the documents or any part thereof, are found to be false, fraudulent or misleading, Breckenridge reserves the right to block or close your Account and forfeit any balance on your Account within ninety (90) days from such request. These verification procedures shall be carried out within reasonable timeframe to avoid any inconvenience. To avoid any doubt, we may delay the crediting of any such payment to your Account until such verification measures are carried out.

All transactions shall be checked in order to prevent money laundering. Breckenridge and any regulatory or governing body can monitor or request to review all transactions to prevent this crime from being committed. Breckenridge shall report any suspicious transactions to the relevant competent authorities. Should we be made aware of any suspicious activity relating to any of our games or other product verticals, we shall report this to the relevant institutions immediately. Breckenridge may suspend, block or close an Account, void any unsettled bets and/or withhold any funds therein, if it is requested to do so in accordance with the applicable prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism laws and regulations.

We reserve the right to refuse to open an Account for any individual at any time and for any reason. Any contractual obligations already made by Breckenridge shall, without prejudice to any rights available at law to Breckenridge, be honoured accordingly.

You can log into your Account at any time where you can also view your account history, including deposits, bonus credits, winnings, wagers and withdrawals. Should you notice any mistakes, you should immediately notify Breckenridge so that it can be reviewed and rectified as necessary.

If your Account is mistakenly credited with credit, winnings or other funds, you are obliged to inform Breckenridge immediately using email or live chat. The amount mistakenly credited will remain property of Breckenridge without exception and you shall transfer the amount in question from the Account back to Breckenridge instantly. If you withdraw any such funds mistakenly credited, you shall be considered a certain and liquidated debtor towards Breckenridge for the amount withdrawn which debt shall be immediately due. If you place any bets using such mistakenly credited amounts, winnings or funds these bets shall be invalid.

If no transaction has been recorded on your Account for twelve (12) consecutive months, your Account will be deemed inactive. Breckenridge will contact you via email up to one month prior to your Account becoming inactive. You may reactivate an inactive account by logging in. If once your Account is inactive, Breckenridge is unable to contact you after making reasonable attempt to do so, we will charge a sum equivalent to the higher of 5% or $5 administrative fee per month to your Account. Fees on inactive accounts can bring your Account balance to zero. Inactivity fees shall only be refundable upon proof of health impediment or other reasonable cause during such inactive period.

No interest is payable on your Account balance irrespective of the amount held in your Account. Accordingly, you shall not in any way treat Breckenridge as a financial institution.

You understand and accept that Breckenridge strictly prohibits cheating players and player collusion. Should we have reasonable suspicion that any cheating or collusion has occurred, we reserve the right to void any bet that we suspect has been made as a result of such behaviour and/or confiscate any funds on your Account and close your Account. Any player who has reasonable grounds to suspect that another player is taking an unfair advantage through cheating or collusion is to report the suspicion to Breckenridge via email or live chat.

Funds cannot be transferred from your Account to another Account or vice-versa.

You agree not to try and hack the Website or alter its code in any way. You also agree not to exploit any loopholes or use any robotic, automated, mechanical, electronic or other devices to make automated decisions in your use of the Website, whether such use is attempted or affected by you or by any third parties. Should we have reasonable suspicion that any such device is being used on the Website, or any such external resource that is designed to provide a player with unfair advantage over other players, we reserve the right to void any bet that we suspect has been made using such a device. We may also suspend the Account in question pending investigation into the matter and terminate the Account at our sole discretion. We consider the use of such devices to be tantamount to fraud and reserve the right not to refund any balance on the Account at the time of termination.

4. Deposits and Withdrawals

In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from your Account, you acknowledge that you shall only use such credit cards and other financial instruments that are valid and issued by lawful institutions and that legally belong to you. In the event that we identify or have reasonable grounds to believe that a payment method does not belong to you, we reserve the right to close your Account and void any winnings. Breckenridge prohibits the use of cards issued to companies.

Breckenridge accepts stakes in a number of different currencies. You must choose one currency as the default currency of your Account. Any payments received by Breckenridge in a currency other than the one chosen by you will be converted into the currency chosen at the then prevailing exchange rate. Any exchange rate costs shall be borne by you.

When you open an Account we require you to make a minimum deposit before you can bet or play. We will assign minimum and maximum deposit levels as specified on the Website in the ‘Deposit’ section of your Account. You acknowledge that you may only wager and play with the amount of cleared funds held in your Account.

Breckenridge reserves the right to impose a reasonable fee reflecting its direct costs on withdrawals. Further external banking processing fees may apply from time to time which may be outside of our control. Any such withdrawal fees shall be reflected in the ‘Withdrawal’ section of your Account.

It is unlawful to deposit funds from ill-gotten means. In line with applicable laws and where possible, Breckenridge will remit amounts to the same payment method from where the funds deposited into your Account originated. Withdrawal payments may only be made in the name of and to the registered Account holder. Breckenridge reserves the right to cancel withdrawals either to enforce a closed loop or to force the customer to withdraw to a particular payment method.

In the case of deposits via credit or debit cards, you may be requested in our reasonable discretion to submit a copy of the front and back of the relevant card showing all numbers except last four (4) digits on the front and hiding the CVV/CVV2 number from the back.

In order to withdraw any amount of money from your account, you must wager your deposits a minimum of 2x over, showing intent to play on our casino that is neither fraudulent, nor abusive. Breckenridge reserves the right to refuse withdrawal payouts based on insufficient wagering at its discretion and request that deposits are wagered further in certain scenarios. Where we suspect bonus abuse and/or bonus fraud as outlined in Clause 9 of the Promotion Terms and Conditions, or any form of abuse concerning cash wagers, we reserve the right to conduct an investigation and restrict your Account pending the outcome of such investigation (including any pending withdrawal request). If, after investigating, we discover or reasonably believe that you were engaging in one of the above activities, we reserve the right to restrict the use of your Account during withdrawal requests and/or confiscate your funds and/or close your Account and/or remove your eligibility to participate in any or all future promotions and/or to receive bonuses available. If we impose such a restriction on your Account, this will not prevent you from receiving the full benefit of any bonus for which you have previously qualified or from accepting any previous cash wagers not impacted by any form of abuse. For the avoidance of doubt, the slot games without wagering contribution in Section 5 of the Promotion T&Cs do not count towards the 2x minimum wagering requirement mentioned above, with the exception of Pachinko Pachislot games which do require a 2x minimum wagering requirement.

Free bets or bonus funds may be credited to your Account as part of a promotion, loyalty scheme or other marketing campaign. Any bonus funds cannot be directly withdrawn but must be used for the placing of wagers on the Website. Depending on the promotion, such bonus funds may be convertible to real money after fulfilling a specific set of criteria for the promotion. All promotional offers are subject to Promotional Terms. Please refer to the specific Promotional Terms.

Deposits and withdrawals from an Account shall at all times be made through a financial institution or a payment solution provider. The procedures, terms and conditions, availability, fees and processing time for deposits or withdrawals may vary depending on the relevant financial institution or payment solution provider.

No credit shall be permitted. It is your responsibility to maintain sufficient funds in your Account and to stake your funds accordingly. Gambling transactions will not be confirmed if there are insufficient funds in your Account. We reserve the right to void any stake which be inadvertently placed or accepted if your Account does not have sufficient funds to cover the whole stake. If an Account has insufficient funds as a result of a deposit that has been cancelled by the payment processing party, Breckenridge reserves the right to cancel any bet that was accepted retroactively, and void any winnings paid to you from such bets.

The time for a withdrawal request to be finalized may vary due to circumstances, however a withdrawal usually takes place between three (3) to five (5) working days.

Deposits made to your Account should be commensurate to your game play. We reserve the right to, at our sole discretion, close your Account and confiscate any winnings or balance, should we have any suspicion of abuse. Such abuse may, for example, include a deposited amount not being wagered or used appropriately before a withdrawal request is made.

5. Game Rules

Only applies to the casino games. When you select a casino game to play, you may also be presented with additional Casino Rules that apply to that game. Please read the relevant Casino Rules and this clause 5.1 carefully before you participate in any casino game. By participating in a casino game on our Website, you are agreeing to accept and comply with the relevant Casino Rules as well as these T&Cs.
Winnings and account balances in the ‘Play for Free’ mode have no commercial value whatsoever and are not redeemable for cash, credit or any other type of benefit.

The games offered on the Website operate by means of a random number generator (‘RNG’) which guarantees a randomized outcome for each game and maintains the integrity of the product and games. The various RNGs have been tested and verified for randomness by approved independent third parties. Both the ‘Play for Free’ and the ‘Play for Real’ modes use the exact same RNG. Any deviations from this principle will be covered in separate Promotional Terms.

Section 5.2 applies for Pachinko hall games only. Breckenridge reserves the right to review and audit your gameplay. All fraudulent acts or acts aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities of the Website to make a profit are prohibited;

Reserving, securing and sharing of particular gaming machines between accounts possessed by the same user, or among those in a group;

Monopolizing machines without the desire to play by just occupying the seat and deliberately taking repeated breaks;

Sharing of machines with ticked big win flags or those in chance zones between multiple accounts possessed by the same user or those in the same group.

6. Warranties and Liability

Breckenridge does not guarantee that the Website is and works flawlessly and without errors or that the Website and the games included on the Website will be accessible without interruptions or that the Website and the games are fit for purpose. No such warranties can be provided by Breckenridge, whether express or implied.

Unexpected technical problems or circumstances outside the control of Breckenridge such as technical problems with third party providers allow Breckenridge to cancel bets and/or to give refunds to players. You also acknowledge that your computer equipment or mobile device and Internet connection may affect the performance and operation of the Website. Breckenridge does not accept any liability for any failures or issues that arise due to your equipment, Internet connection or third-party provider. This shall also include your inability to place bets or wagers or to view or receive information in relation to certain particular games.

In the event of any interrupted, aborted or miscarried game rounds for any reason whatsoever, all the players’ transactions shall be accurately recorded. Any unfinished game rounds are restored when returning to the game and in the event this is not possible Breckenridge shall clean up such game rounds and refund the bet/wager to the player’s Account.

Breckenridge reserves the right to make the Website and/or certain games temporarily unavailable at its own discretion and without giving prior notice to players. We shall not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of such unavailability.

Neither Breckenridge nor its affiliates, agents and licensors will be liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. Refunds may be given solely at Breckenridge’s discretion.

7. Limitation of liability

You acknowledge that the services offered on this Website are for entertainment purposes only. You are not requested to use our services and your participation is at your sole choice and discretion. You consequently enter the Website and participate in the games at your own risk. You claim that your interest in our services and in our Website is personal and not professional and that you have registered an account with us only for personal entertainment. Any other use of the services we provide is strictly prohibited.

Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, Breckenridge and its directors, employees, partners and third-party game suppliers shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the Website or your participation in the games to the extent permitted by law or any contractual obligations. For the avoidance of doubt Breckenridge’s liability for any error or malfunction included in the games is limited to replacement of the said games.

All information displayed on our Website is provided for information purposes only and not intended to constitute professional advice of any kind. Neither Breckenridge nor any of its independent providers is liable for any information errors, incompleteness, inaccuracy or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained therein.

8. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in the Website are licensed to Breckenridge or a third-party software provider. Your use of the Website does not give you any rights in any IPR on the Website or in the games. IPR include any and all intellectual property rights of all types and nature whatsoever including without limitation, patent, copyright, design rights, trademarks, database rights, applications for any of the above, moral rights, know-how, trade secrets, domain names, URL, tradenames or any other intellectual or industrial property rights (and any licences in connection with the same), whether or not registered or capable of registration, and whether subsisting in any specific country or countries or any other part of the world.

You may not within the limits prescribed by applicable laws:

copy, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or translate the software and/or the Website or make any attempt to access the source code to create derivative works of the source code of the software and/or the Website, or otherwise;

remove any copyright, proprietary or similar notices from the software and/or the Website or any part thereof;

sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or lease the software;

make the software available to any third party through a computer network or otherwise;

export the software to any country (whether by physical or electronic means);

use the software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws or regulations;

do anything that will harm or potentially harm the IPR or do anything that damages the image or reputation of Breckenridge, its employees, directors, officials and consultants; or

otherwise use the software and/or Website or any part thereof in any manner that is not expressly permitted under these T&Cs.

You warrant that any names or images used by you in connection with the Website or games (for example your username) shall not infringe the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of any third party or are abusive or offensive towards others. You hereby grant Breckenridge a worldwide, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free, sub-licensable licence to use such names and images for any purpose connected with the Website or games, subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

9. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

You may contact our Customer Support team according to the instructions on the Website should you wish to make any complaints regarding our services. Alternatively, you may send us an email on complaints.jp@verajohn.com

Any complaints relating to a specific game may only be made within seven (7) calendar days from when the claim first arose. Complaints relating to any other matter including but not limited to pay-outs, account suspension and calculation of bonuses may only be made within one (1) calendar month from when the claim first arose.

Complaints are handled by the Customer Support team and escalated within Breckenridge in cases where the support personnel do not solve the case immediately. You shall be reasonably informed about the state of your complaint. We always endeavour to resolve complaints in the least time possible and in normal circumstances no later than fourteen (14) business days.

10. Account Closure

You can close your Account at any time and withdraw any available balance in it by contacting Customer Support.

Any negative balance on your Account will fall immediately due and payable to us and your Account will be closed only when this amount has been fully repaid. If you have any unsettled bets on your Account at the time that you close your Account, these bets will stand (unless we’re entitled under these T&Cs to cancel/void them) and you can contact us to collect any winnings arising from such standing bets, which we will do (unless we’re entitled under these T&Cs to withhold all or part of such winnings).

11. Suspension or termination of your Account

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account, cancel any bets placed by you, remove any bonus monies in your Account and/or take any other action we deem appropriate in our absolute discretion and without any explanation whatsoever if:

we believe that continuing the business relationship with you could negatively impact our licensing and general regulatory obligations or any aspect of our services; and/or

we suspect that you are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity while using the Website; and/or

you reside in or place any bets in any Prohibited Territory; and/or

we suspect you are in breach of any of these T&Cs or the Rules; and/or

we are required to do so by law or of our any third party licensors.

Your sole remedy in the event of termination of your Account by us for reasons outlined in this clause 12 shall be the reimbursement of any undisputed Account balance you may then have, subject to your having complied with these T&Cs and the Rules. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall have no further liability to you whatsoever.

The foregoing shall not exclude our right to take legal action against you as deemed appropriate in the circumstances.

12. Responsible Gambling

You may, at your discretion, ask us at any time to exclude you from placing any transactions on our websites for a specific time period. You can do this online, by visiting the Limits section of your account, or by contacting Customer Services. In asking us to exclude you, you acknowledge and agree that we will suspend your account(s) and prevent you from gambling on our websites for the time period requested. Applying a self-exclusion will not affect any pending withdrawal, unless verification documents are requested in line with our Know Your Customer process.

The self-exclusion will be applied to all websites operated by Breckenridge. There may be a short delay in applying the self-exclusion to the other websites operated by us. Please note that the self-exclusion will not apply to any websites not operated by Breckenridge, as these companies are not members of our group.

Should you opt to self-exclude, we will take all reasonable steps to detect and prevent you from registering a new account on one of our websites. You should not attempt to open an account on any website operated by Breckenridge whilst you have opted for self-exclusion. Any accounts found to be in breach of a self-exclusion agreement will be closed as soon as such use is discovered. Any deposits on such accounts may not be refunded, and any winnings will be confiscated.

We reserve the right to close your Account without advance notice if we have any reason to suspect that you are at risk of being negatively affected by gambling. Any outstanding bets on such Accounts may, at our discretion, be voided and the bets returned to the Account.

Any attempts to circumvent our player protection measures may result in your Account being closed without advance notice, and any winnings confiscated.

13. Miscellaneous

You shall be notified in advance when Breckenridge winds up or effectively terminates its operations. Following notification, Breckenridge will remain bound to perform the obligations resulting from these T&Cs until the effective winding up or termination date.

These T&Cs may be available in a number of languages for information purposes and ease of access. For the avoidance of doubt, the English language version of these T&Cs shall prevail over any other language version made available.

We shall not be in breach of these T&Cs nor liable for delay in performing or failure to perform, any of our obligations under these T&Cs where any such delay or failures result from incidents, events or causes which are beyond our reasonable control.

If any provision of these T&Cs is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these T&Cs and all other provisions shall remain in force and unaffected by any such severance.

These T&Cs are governed by the laws of Curaçao. You agree that any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these T&Cs, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Curaçao courts.

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