Another big win in Finland!

Our Finnish players seem to be on a very lucky streak of late. One month ago, we caught up with Juho and Johanna from Finland who won big on the same game within just 4 days of each other. Vera&John’s latest winner is Juha who won a towering $63,852 on Phoenix Fire Power Reels!

As Juha explained, he enjoys trying out new games, and this was his first time playing Phoenix Fire Power Reels. Not only that, but Juha had only been spinning on Red Tiger’s fiery game for about 15 minutes before the phenomenal phoenix dropped the prize jackpot catch into his lap. Well, a mythical creature can only bring a legendary win after all!

Phoenix Fire Power Reels features pays adjacent from anywhere on the reels, and a phoenix which appears at random and turns winged symbols into wilds. Moreover, when a phoenix appears on the reels, any adjacent winged symbols turn into wilds too. And if these wins aren’t fiery enough for you, there’s a Free Spin bonus feature too where up to three Phoenix Wilds may land on a single spin which may lead to wins which could have you soaring high.

But that’s not all! Phoenix Fire Power Reels is a Red Tiger game, and here at Vera&John, most of our Red Tiger games come with our Daily Jackpot feature, which is exactly how Juha landed his phenomenal win! So, if the Mega jackpot is something you’d like to receive, click here to read about our Daily Jackpots and who knows? We might be writing about you next!

Juha’s been a long-time player at Vera&John, and has already had a much larger win in the past with us – a whopping $430,000 to be exact! We asked Juha what it is that he enjoys so much about our casino, to which we received an answer we’re used to hearing: “It’s easy to use; everything is so simple!” You’re right about that, Juha!

Juha said he plans to use his grand winnings to visit Malta, and to take a trip around the Swedish archipelago. Take your pick out of Vera&John’s hundreds of original and delightful slots and who knows? You could be our next big winner!

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Two massive wins on Dead or Alive 2

Unbelievable! Not one, but TWO big wins, on the SAME GAME, from the SAME COUNTRY! Juho and Johanna from Finland shot out a combined win of $130,824 on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 within 4 days of each other.

July seems to have been pretty eventful for two very lucky Vera&John players from Finland. Johanna was the first big winner and blasted out a whopping win of $82,068. “The figure began rising like crazy in front of my eyes, and for a moment I doubted whether I was playing with real money or not!” Juho had quite the similar experience four days later when he couldn’t believe he’d actually won $48,756. “I only imagined I’d win a few hundred euros. I just stared at the screen watching the numbers go up. After I’d gone to bed, I couldn’t sleep a wink!” We don’t blame you, Juho… with a win like that, nobody would!

Dead or Alive 2 offers three great Free Spin offers, all starting with 12 Free Spins. Increase your Free Spins in each option with the help of multipliers, sticky symbols, and Multiplier Wilds. However, you could be the sharpest hunter out in the wild wild West thanks to a chance to win more than 10,000x your wager!

We asked our lucky players what it is about Vera&John that they enjoy so much. For Juho, it’s the reliability, feel-good factor, and rewards, “I feel really positive about the site, it is reliable and straightforward. The campaigns are nice and I like your loyalty system”. Likewise for Johanna who said that, “The best thing is how easy the site is and how well it works. I will surely be trying my luck again!

These two peas in a pod both aim to use their winnings in the same way too. A holiday somewhere warm is on the cards for Johanna, while Juho plans to celebrate this grand event with a nice dinner, and a vacation in Mexico in the winter.

We’re always as pleased as punch when we’ve got winners in our midst. Will you be joining the wonderful list of Vera&John winners? Take a spin, and we’ll find out!

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Maarit was hot on the heels of a $38,621 jackpot win!

Maarit was hot on the heels of a win, but unlike a certain consulting detective she didn't need a magnifying glass or a deerstalker hat, or even a moustachioed sidekick! The clues were all there, and once she'd eliminated the spin-possible, all that remained was a very happy player with a $38,621 jackpot win!

"The game's afoot," is probably NOT something Maarit said to herself as she busily span away at Holmes and the Stolen Stones, an Yggdrasil slot featuring everyone's favourite detective. We caught up with our erstwhile spin-sleuth and asked her how she felt about landing the jackpot. "I've dreamt about it for such a long time," an audibly excited Maarit said. "And now that it's happened, I still can't believe it!"

With five progressive jackpots up for grabs, and a free spin round with a 3x multiplier on every win, it doesn't take an investigator extraordinaire to deduce what Maarit loves about Holmes and the Stolen Stones. "It's my favourite game," she said. "I've played quite a few slots now, and there are lots of them I don't like at all. I think Holmes is the best there is."

Maarit had a few kind words to spare about her favourite online casino, too. "What I like best about VJ," she said, "is that everything works as it should. Whenever I've had a problem it was solved without any fuss. Withdrawals are processed right away. I feel like I can trust Vera&John, and I'm definitely going to keep playing with you guys."

Sleuthing aside, did she have any plans for her new found-fortune? "I've already splashed out on a few things," she laughed. "I bought some new furniture for myself, and I paid off my car! The rest I'm going to put in the bank!"

All it took was one lucky spin and Maarit made off like a bandit! It's elementary, and it could happen to you, too! Will you be a fiendish Moriarty, or are you more of a Mycroft? Just pick a slot and get spinning, right here at Vera&John online casino!

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A powerful $50,163 prize from Golden Temple!

One brave and lucky adventurer has found the riches which were lost in the mysterious temple, and is now Vera&John’s newest winner! Gabriel, from Brazil, has just cashed in a shiny, prestigious win of $50,136 on Red Tiger’s Golden Temple!

Gabriel’s tale of high wins takes us all the way to the ancient and sacred temples. Thanks to a couple of spins on Golden Temple, this adventurous Vera&John player set out on a gallant quest to unearth the glorious wins of the Golden Temple. And find them he did! With the help of Wild Reels and the special bonus, Gabriel uncovered a prize find of $50,136.

We got in touch with our newest winner to learn about his reaction when his screen flashed the grand winning amount.

"I was speechless. When my screen began to flash my winning prize amount, I could hardly believe it. I had to drink a glass of water to calm down and to realize what had happened!”, he told us.

It’s like something out of a dream, but this real victory is so much better, isn’t it, Gabriel? We asked our lucky winner how he planned on using his massive prize. "I’m a huge fan of Golden Temple because I have a fascination with big temples. I want to enjoy this win in the same setting I won it and travel around the world to see these amazing structures. I can’t wait!", he told us, evidently excited.

Well, now that we know what Gabriel is going to do with his tremendous prize, why don’t you take a leaf out of his book? Take your pick out of Vera&John’s hundreds of original and delightful slots and who knows? You could be our next big winner... enjoy your trip!

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A breath-taking $80,323 prize which left João speechless!

The moment a jackpot prize flashes on the screen is an unbelievable moment. We know how perplexed our players must feel when this happens, and this is exactly what transpired with one very lucky player from Brazil who just couldn’t believe his eyes.

It all started when João logged into his Vera&John online casino account on his mobile phone for some fun spins. João was drawn to Pragmatic Play’s Caishen's Gold due to the game’s eastern music and design, and frankly, he couldn’t have made a better choice! Featuring a Chinese god synonymous with prosperity and wealth, and wins of up to 1,000x your wager, who can blame João for being inspired to play?!

We got in touch with the new VJ winner and asked him what his reaction was to the amazing fortune which fell into his lap. “I could hardly believe that I’d won. I called my wife over, but she’s like Saint Thomas; she won’t believe it till I’ve got the money in my hands!”

Although he still doesn’t have any plans on how he’ll use his massive $80,323 win, João asserted that this windfall came at an excellent time. He’s going to use some of his winnings to help his children financially and for a medical check-up. “This win came at a time when I really needed it”.

Finally, João told us what he likes the most about the fun casino: “Vera&John has awesome games and the service is excellent. I like the site’s games, service and its professionalism”.

We’re totally chuffed to have João as our new winner. So, what are you waiting for? You could be the next VJ winner to receive our phone call and a grand prize! Get yourself over to the fun casino… wondrous spins await you here!

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Naomi’s juiced a delicious win of $30,580 on Laser Fruit!

An ordinary night just like any other turned into one like no other for Naomi. It was a berry merry night for Naomi the moment her screen flashed with the pulpy prize of $30,580!

What better way to spend the start of the weekend than by spinning a few reels at the fun casino? That’s what Naomi reasoned, and it’s a very good thing she did too, because a juicy win was in store for her! Naomi booted up her PC and got ready for a relaxing Friday night, chilling and winding down with Vera&John and Red Tiger’s Laser Fruit.

She couldn’t believe what happened next… you can say it was a double win because not only did Naomi bag herself free spins, but by the end of it, ended up with a cherry big $30,580 win. Now that’s a fruity, juicy, fun-packed smoothie if I ever saw one!

Naomi cherry-picked Laser Fruit with good reason. “I think it’s a very interesting game as expanding reels keep extending and it has a high winning potential. I really like the music too.” We must say, this game reel-y merits turning up the beet as the party gets going with neon blocks which expand reels and burst into berry juicy wins. Now that’s a fruit salad worth trying!

We asked Naomi for her tips on bagging the big wins. Her answer: Be brave and go for it! “Get a winning streak by playing explosive or tough games”, she advises. “I also try to remember the positions of the symbols, both when I’m winning and when I’m losing.” Well, that’s a juicy peach of information.

So, how’s Naomi planning on using her grape win? “I will invest it so as to win even bigger. It feels to me, like Vera&John’s winnings are set relatively higher than other casinos’. There are a number of times I won substantial amounts from small wagers. I look forward to winning again in the future”

Well, thank you, Naomi, for your kind words and your loyalty to us, here at Vera&John! We’re immensely grapeful (as is Naomi, undoubtedly). So, there you go! Vera&John not only offers the most fun and ap-peel-ing slots around, but can make you feel like one in a melon, even on the most seemingly ordinary of days!

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A Jackpot win gave Sho the thrill of his life!

A quick boost is just what you need to get started first thing in the morning. And that’s exactly what Sho got when he logged in to his Vera&John account for a few early spins on Energoonz and realised he’d landed a $9,428 Jackpot win!

The 29-year-old was just beginning his day when he picked up his phone for a session on Energoonz. The electrifying alien-themed slot from Play’n Go was a firm favourite of his. “I’d recommend this game to anyone,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I’ve told all my friends about it. I love the way it looks, and of course I like the Jackpot feature a lot,” he laughed. “I’ve been playing Energoonz on mobile since I joined VJ last October.”

We asked him what hitting that jackpot felt like. “I didn’t understand what was happening to me,” he said. “My hands were shaking so hard. I had to stop playing and go back to my account page to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! When I realised my account had more than $8,500, I started trembling for real! It was an amazing moment.”

Like any big winner, Sho’s already got big ideas for his windfall. He wants to travel, but first things first, he plans to take his family out for a special dinner to celebrate!

We asked Sho if he had any words of advice or encouragement to share with other players. “You can’t plan to win,” he said. “And you shouldn’t try, or you won’t enjoy yourself. I always felt that whenever I was enjoying the game, that’s when I’d get lucky!”

We think gaming should be fun! And we hope that, just like Sho, you can all have amazing moments with us at Vera&John online casino! However, if gaming ever stops feeling like fun you should be sure to check out our responsible gaming page where you can find resources to help you play responsibly.

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Michael landed a tasty $290,970 win on Laser Fruit!

If life gives you lemons, ask for more lemons and maybe you’ll land a high win on Laser Fruit, just like Michael! He’s not bitter, in fact his $290,970 win has left rather a sweet taste in his mouth!

To call him a relative newcomer to the Vera&John experience would be an award-winning understatement. The 32-year-old’s first exciting big win came less than a day after he registered his VJ account! Always an early riser, Michael logged into his new favourite online casino first thing in the morning for a few fresh spins on Laser Fruit, and moments later landed a juicy win worth $290,970!

We called Michael to congratulate him on his good fortune, and we found him in a great mood as you might expect! Michael wasn’t just happy, he was SUPER happy with his windfall. “I needed a new car, and I’ve been apartment shopping, so this is just perfect timing,” he said.

Michael’s luck didn’t stop there because after a brief chat, our VIP team extended him an invitation to join our VIP program! Vera&John VIPs gain access to frequent special events and promotions, as well as private high-stakes tournaments with incredible prizes. As an extra congratulatory gesture, we sent Michael an iPad so that he can keep spinning in style and invited him to an exclusive VIP event!

A few spins on Laser Fruit was all it took to pop Michael’s VJ cherry, and now he’s making dates with the high-rollers! Who knows, maybe YOUR next spin will bring you that big win and drive you bananas!

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Shota's $32,748 birthday present on Ozwin's Jackpots

Stuck at work on his special day, Shota S. was not in the mood for celebration. But one lucky spin at his favourite online casino gave him an early birthday present and summoned up a magical $32,748 win!

While other people might have resented spending their special day at work, Shota made sure to make his breaks more fun with a little me time. Our hero logged into his Vera&John account and set off on an adventure in search of five enchanted crystals. His reward: the Archmage's Jackpot—a tidy sum of gold amounting to $32,748, enough to buy—I don't know—a hundred birthday cakes!

“How did you react to winning that much money?” we asked when we caught up with Shota to talk about his birthday bonus. “I was so happy,” he said. “So happy. I think I was probably silently pulling a funny face.” We love the delightful image of Shota gurning with a mix of joy and surprise at his phone.

Ozwin’s Jackpots was Shota’s game of choice, we asked him what he thought of it. “I’ve never actually played a jackpot game before!” he said. “So, this was my first time. It was the kind of game that made me think I could win something.” A colourful slot with an epic story behind it, Ozwin’s Jackpots gives you two ways to get into the jackpot round and score legendary wins!

A VJ player for only 6 short months, Shota’s already spinning in the big league. We asked him for some hints and tips he could pass along to his fellow players. “Don’t expect too much,” he told us. “If I have any advice at all, it’s that. If you play with the expectation of winning, and then lose, you’re only going to be disappointed, aren’t you? Just play.” That’s sterling advice, and not just for playing slots!

We could not be happier that Shota landed the big one on his birthday! Everyone deserves to feel like a winner now and then, and who knows, next time it could be YOUR lucky day! Load up your favourite slot and take a chance right here at Vera&John online casino.

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Satoshi’s done it again, with a $155,553 win on Emerald Diamond

Satoshi’s back with a vengeance! Cast your minds all the way back to the far-off misty days of last October, you might recall Satoshi landed a string of good luck on Hidden, a slot themed around ancient Egypt. He scored the big one with an epic $31,571 win. Well it just goes to show that you can’t keep Team VJ down, because he’s done it again with a $155,553 win on Emerald Diamond!

Way back in October 2017, Satoshi sat down for a few spins on Hidden that ended in a run of good luck and a pocket full of cash. This time his game of choice was Emerald Diamond, by Red Tiger Gaming, and it wasn’t long before he racked up a string of wins culminating in a massive $155,553 spin!

We asked Satoshi to give us a few words about the new games he’d been trying out on Vera&John. More specifically, we asked him what drew him to this particular slot. One of our newer games, Emerald Diamond does a good job of providing that real casino feel as it clunks satisfyingly with every spin. Its soundtrack even features ambient noise to heighten the sense of bustle and life going on around you while you play.

“I play the all new games with real money for a bit,” he told us. “I take my time checking them out to see how they work before I decide if it’s a game that might lead me to a big win.” A master of understatement, anyone else would be over the moon, but Satoshi has a calm head on his shoulders. “I’m just genuinely happy,” he said.

While Satoshi is all smiles after his big win, he also had a piece of advice to offer to other players seeking big wins. “I always play with this idea in my head—that if I make a steady effort, I’ll get a winning streak one day. But I always make bets within my means, at least until I start to get lucky. When that happens, I gradually increase the amount, and if that luck continues, you might get a big win.”

While Satoshi’s method might work for him, all the games at Vera&John are completely random. All it really takes is a few good spins and a bit of luck to change your life forever. That big win could land at any time, so why not give it a shot right here at your favourite online casino?

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One spin ended in a juicy $42,061 win on Fruit Shop Touch

Taal’s evening took a fruitful turn when he landed a juicy win on NetEnt’s Fruit Shop! He seems to be taking things in his stride, he hasn’t gone bananas yet! With a $42,061 win in his pocket, everything is starting to look peachy.

When 42-year-old Taal fired up his phone for a spin or two, he had no idea his evening would end with him cutting himself a slice of the big time. “I’ve never won anything this big before,” he told us. “I’ve had lots of little wins in the past, but never something this huge! Most of my wins have come from Fruit Shop, so it’s definitely become one of my favourites.”

An old-fashioned fruit machine slot with a few extra features, Taal says he likes it because, “Even though you don’t win very often, when you do win, you win big.”

Despite its colourful comic visuals and quirky sound design Fruit Shop masks a serious slot capable of big payouts. If you land matching fruit symbols on a winning bet line, you’ll be awarded extra spins with a x2 multiplier. During the bonus game, more matching fruit symbols on winning lines awards even more free spins. The wins are just ripe for the picking!

While we heard about Taal’s win through the grapevine, we wondered if he’d told anyone else about his good fortune? “Not yet,” he said. “I’m keeping it under my hat for now, so far I’ve only told my very close family.”

Although he doesn’t have any firm plans for his win, for now, he has told us that he has his eye on a new house. “I feel really happy, of course,” he laughed, “happy to start making withdrawals!”

Whether you like fruity flavours, or if you’re into something more savoury, Vera&John’s got the slot for you! Your own jackpot win is just waiting to be plucked, just find a game that’s your jam, and getting spinning!

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Lars landed a $101,800 high win on Golden Temple!

“These big wins hardly ever happen,” Lars said to himself as he played a few spins on his favourite slot. “Sure, people score small wins all the time, but you have to be really lucky to win $100,000 on a slot.” That was mere moments before he landed a massive $101,800 win on Golden Temple mobile.

“It’s true,” he said, when we got in touch with him later that day. “You read about these things happening to other people, but you never think they’re going to happen to you!”

Had he ever won anything this big before? “No, never!” he told us. “At first, I thought I had won $10,100 but then I realised there was an extra zero and it was actually $101,800. Haha! The sun is shining today, even though it isn’t, if you know what I mean.”

Does he have any plans for his windfall yet? “Yeah! The very first thing I did was call up my wife. She was as excited as I was. We’ve always had this idea to take a big family vacation. Like, with the whole family, and now we can make that dream come true. We’ve got a few places in mind already. I think it’s going to be great!”

Starring the whip-cracking adventurer Lora, and loaded with features like Swap Reels, Wild Reels, and, the Relic Hunter Bonus, it’s easy to see why Golden Temple became a favourite. “I have a couple of games I really enjoy playing, and one of them is Golden Temple because it’s a bit more exciting than your run-of-the-mill slot. I like games that have a bit of a story to them, so it’s not just spinning, you know?”

That’s your call to adventure! Who knows who our next mega winner will be at Vera&John! Could it be you? All it takes is that one lucky spin, and maybe you’ll be jetting off on the holiday of your dreams!

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Sandy had some Divine Fortune when she hit the $95,662 jackpot!

Sandy’s Tuesday was turned upside down in mere moments when she landed a $95,662 jackpot win! Sandy’s $30 deposit ended up with her winning the mega jackpot on Divine Fortune Touch, right here at Vera&John online casino!

It was a sleepy morning on a Tuesday in early January, when Sandy decided to play a few rounds on her favourite slot. The 29-year-old from Sweden wasn’t having much luck, and made a small deposit to keep herself going for a little while longer. Sandy made a $30 deposit, and kept spinning on Divine Fortune Touch. Imagine her shock and surprise when, less than ten minutes later, she landed the $95,662 mega jackpot!

“I was in floods of tears,” she told the VJ team when we got in touch with her. “I was in shock! I’m still in shock! I’ve never won anything as big as this before. It’s still too hard to wrap my head around, but I can tell you I’m super happy!”

We asked her how she had broken the news about her win. She said, “I haven’t really told anyone else other than my husband. When it happened, I called my him up right away and he was so happy. I plan to tell the rest of the family once everything cools down a bit.”

In fact, they’re still on a high from their win. It’s not every day you land a $95,662 mega jackpot after all!

We asked her what it was about Divine Fortune that caught her eye. Aside from the whopping great jackpot, of course!

“Divine Fortune is my favourite game!” she said. “It always has been, now it’s my husband’s favourite as well!”

It’s not hard to see why! Does she have any plans for the money? Maybe a holiday, or a spending spree, perhaps? “We’re going to pay off my husband’s loans,” she told us, “and then use the rest of the money on a down payment for a new house.”

We’re glad to see that Sandy has such sensible ambitions! We hope the jackpot helps to set her family up for the future!

Could you be the next big winner? There are literally dozens of jackpot games waiting to be discovered right here at Vera&John online casino, all you need is one lucky spin, and the next story could be about you!

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Naoki had almost given up when he won the $81,885 jackpot!

Luck isn’t something you can just call upon whenever you feel like it. As a matter of fact, Naoki felt like Lady Luck had abandoned him when he got down to his last $20 playing Tunzamunni! She clearly had a change of heart though, because barely moments later he landed a jackpot win!

An easy-going kind of guy, 35-year-old Naoki didn’t feel the need for the fancy frills and features of a video slot. Tunzamunni’s classic fruit machine design and progressive jackpot caught his eye. Add to that the potentially high winnings from a $0.25 stake, and it was fast becoming a favourite slot.

It was at that point that his luck decided to leave him, but not for long! We asked him what that felt like. He said, “it put me in a terrible mood. I was just on a losing streak, and I couldn’t catch a break. I didn’t feel like playing anymore, but I decided I’d play until my account was empty and call it a day. I’m glad I did!”

Down to his last $20, Naoki hit the Tunzamunni jackpot and landed $81,885! “It’s a curious thing,” said Naoki, “the harder I try to win, I don’t get anything, but when I was just trying to finish the game, this happens. When the game told me that I’d won the jackpot, I just stared at the screen and said, ‘Seriously?’”

A long-time VJ fan, Naoki had this piece of advice for anyone just starting out, “don’t let yourself get too heated. Sometimes you’re going to feel like your luck’s left you, the important thing is not to give up, because one day your chance will come!”

At Vera&John we believe everyone’s got it in them to hit the jackpot, all it takes is a patience, and a little bit of good fortune at just the right time. Hopefully, like Naoki, your luck will land when you most need it!

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Kevin ascended to Asgard with a $73,910 jackpot on Hall of Gods Touch

There aren't many of us mortals who have what it takes to stand in the presence of the gods of Asgard, but Kevin might just be one of them after he landed a truly mythical $73,910 Jackpot win on Hall of Gods, from NetEnt.

It was a Saturday evening just like any other when Kevin and his group of friends got together to have a few responsible drinks and maybe venture a few spins at Vera&John online casino. Kevin's eye landed on Hall of Gods, a NetEnt slot themed around figures from Norse mythology, and it does seem as if the luck of Æsir was with him that night because before long he hit the jackpot!

Kevin's choice of Hall of Gods shows a level of shrewd cunning worthy of Loki himself. The NetEnt game is loaded with magical features like Expanding Wilds, and three massive Jackpots. "I definitely went for that game because it had the potential for big payouts," said Kevin. "I didn't plan on landing the jackpot, we were just playing for a bit of fun. But then, after a few spins, I hit the Jackpot!"

You certainly can't call him a Thor winner! We asked him how his friends reacted to his win, and he had this to say, "My friend was playing his own game, but when I bagged the big one, no one could believe it! It was impossible for anyone to focus anymore. It was an incredible feeling." Instead of getting that morning after the night before feeling, Kevin woke up and checked his phone. "I still couldn't believe I had won! It really happened, and it wasn't a dream!"

While Kevin has yet to make plans for his new-found fortune, he's already celebrated his win in style. "I took my friends out for a something to eat and drink, and the best thing was that we didn't have to worry about paying attention to the bill!"

Are you worthy to grasp Mjolnir and take your place in the Hall of Gods? Of course you are! And for a little further encouragement, as if you needed it, the Mega Jackpot remains untouched at well over $99,000 at the time of this writing. So hold onto your sword and shield, get your hands on your best horned helmet, and get spinning with Vera&John.

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Matthew levelled up to become VJ’s latest big winner!

Just when you think it’s Game Over, something wonderful may be about to happen. Gamer Matthew was on a lucky streak when Mega Fortune managed to change his fortunes and give him the big win he'd been waiting for. He scored an amazing $41,640 win that sent him shooting up to the next level.

Sadly, we all know there’s no cheat codes for real life. Otherwise we’d all be trying to Konami Code our way to the easy life all day, every day. Lucky for Matthew, he didn’t need any hacks, cheats, or secret codes, he just needed to sit back and relax with Vera&John online casino until $41,640 came rolling into his account.

We’re not saying it was easy- after all, Matthew had never managed to win anything close to this amount before.

“It was weird!” He said, talking about his amazing win. We’re guessing you mean the good kind of weird, right Matt? “I’m still in shock, it’s surreal. I feel very lucky and quite content.”

Though this lucky winner didn’t let us in on any specific plans for his sudden windfall, we have a suspicion that the self-described gaming enthusiast and PC builder may be able to find a few ways to put the money to good use. After all $41,640 buys you more new kit than you can shake a joystick at!

Though Matthew says he didn’t have a particular reason for choosing NetEnt’s popular jackpot slot Mega Fortune we know he made a great choice- and not just because of his incredible win, either! This swank slot knows a thing or two about living the highlife thanks to 3 incredible progressive jackpots.

Don’t let Matthew have all the luck... at the time of writing, Mega Fortune’s Mega Jackpot still has a jaw-dropping prize pot of over $2,000,000 waiting to be won! Take your wins to the next level just like Mathew did and find out if there’s a mega win waiting for you somewhere on Vera&John online casino.

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Egil set his world ablaze with a $68,135 win on Fire Joker Mobile

It’s November, and while it might be freezing cold outside, things started heating up for Egil, from Norway, when he logged in to his Vera&John account last Friday and landed a massive $68,135 win on Fire Joker Mobile.

While the rest of us were just waking up, Egil was already getting his weekend off to a blazing start. In just a few scorching spins, he was fanning the flames of a big win.

A long-time member of the VJ family, we caught up with the fortunate 42-year-old to find out how he felt when he hit that hot spot. “This is my first big win with Vera&John, and I’m really happy right now!” he said, practically aglow. “I’ve only told my girlfriend so far, and tonight we’re going somewhere nice to celebrate. But for now, the moment I get off the phone with you, I’m going to have a whiskey.”

Will Egil’s riches burn a hole in his pocket, or does Egil have plans for his new-found wealth? “Yes!” he said, “I’m planning to treat myself to a vacation. We have a holiday apartment in Turkey. It should be nice at this time of year.”

Although we didn’t ask Egil about what attracted him to Fire Joker, we think it very likely that it was the sleek retro design, combining classic slot sensibilities with flamboyant gameplay. With a fiery re-spin feature, and a spinning wheel of multipliers, Fire Joker gives you the chance to win up to 800x your stake, that no doubt helped Egil blaze to victory.

Egil’s win is certainly no flash in the pan, so why not kindle your own big wins with some piping-hot spins at your favourite online casino?

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William’s dreams came true with $45,419 win on Dream Catcher Mobile

How would you feel if your life was turned upside down in a moment as the result of one bet? Well, that’s what happened to William when he struck it lucky after taking a gamble on Dream Catcher mobile and ended up with a big win of $45,419!

It was a sleepy Sunday morning in Sweden when William decided to start his day off with a few spins on Dream Catcher. If you’d given the 20-year-old a hint of what was about to happen, he would never have believed that only moments later his bank account would be $45,419 richer!

A relative newcomer to the VJ family; William’s only been a member since the Summer, Dream Catcher has fast become his favourite thing to do on the site. “It’s really the thing I like the most about Vera&John,” he said. One of the many live casino games featured on Vera&John, Dream Catcher features a money wheel, and the excitement of watching a live dealer in action.

We caught up with William and asked him to give us a few words to describe how he felt when he realised he’d won the big one. While he did give us some words, unfortunately one or two of them aren’t repeatable in polite company. Suffice it to say that he was effusively happy and not afraid to describe his feelings.

Asked whether he had any plans for his winnings, William said, “I’ve got lots of ideas, of course, but all I can think of right off the top of my head is that I can finally buy an apartment.”

Has he told anyone about his win? “I haven’t even told any of my friends yet! Obviously, I’ll have to at some point, but for now, I’ve only told my mum.”

It only takes a few seconds for life as you know it to change forever. For William, it was a few chance bets on his favourite game. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it’ll be your turn!

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This €3.4 million win smashed our records!

You never know when life is about to change forever. One minute, Mia was picking a new game to play, and just 60 seconds later, she was the lucky winner of the biggest jackpot in Vera&John history! An incredible €3.4 million win came tumbling into her account, and we haven’t stopped celebrating since!

What if I told you that it was possible to trade a 77-cent bet for a jackpot win that would change your life? You’d probably say I was crazy, but Mia’s living proof.
One sleepy weekday morning, her life changed forever thanks to a tiny bet on Joker Millions Mobile. She won the largest jackpot in Vera&John history, and all she could do was cry.

Wait, what?! Shouldn’t our biggest ever winner be jumping up and down, or dancing on a table from sheer unrestrained glee? The truth is that Mia was so overcome with emotions that she just couldn’t hold back the tears after her €3.4 million jackpot win. Rest assured, Vera&John family, they were tears of pure joy!

“This win comes at such a great time,” said the lucky mother of three, who couldn’t wait to share the news with her husband.

When we called her back the next day to confirm the win, there was another little flood of joy from Mia, though her happy hubby did his part by cheering and screaming in the background. Hey, we all show our happiness in different ways! Even though they’ve become millionaires overnight, this lucky couple aren’t looking for anything extravagant to keep them happy.

“It’s all a huge relief,” said Mia, talking about her plans to pay off their mortgage, upgrade the house’s central heating and do a little redecorating. Who needs sports cars and extravagant spending when they’ve got a happy home and a loving family to take care of?

One tiny wager was all it took to turn Mia into a millionaire! You never know when destiny might come calling for you, especially when you play at Vera&John online casino

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A huge win turned Fredrik’s sleepy night into a jackpot party!

A sleepy evening at home turned into a $269,789 jackpot bonanza for Fredrik! He went from $1.25 bets to a whopping six-figure win, all thanks to the major jackpot on Mega Fortune right here at Vera&John online casino.

Who says an evening at home with the kids is boring? Fredrik decided to make the best of it- and a huge helping of good luck fell right into his lap. How’s that for a bedtime story?

“I was just relaxing at home on a Friday evening,” Fredrik told the VJ team after his amazing win. He’d had a long, tiring day at work, and it was just him and the kids alone at home for the evening. “Since the kids were already sleeping, I decided to try some spins on Vera&John!”

Our lucky 35-year-old winner set his sights on Mega Fortune, and what a great decision that turned out to be! A jackpot win of $269,789 appeared out of the blue.

“It just felt unreal!” Fredrik smiled as he remembered his jackpot victory. Surprisingly calm at first, it took a long time for this lucky slot champion to realise what had actually happened- and even then, he kept checking his account over and over again to make sure it was real.

Of course, $269,789 isn’t the kind of money you can just keep to yourself- though Fredrik is trying his best. He told the lucky Mrs Fredrik as soon as she got home that night, and she’s just as excited as he is. Other than that, this jackpot win will have to be Fredrik’s best-kept secret.

Speaking of secrets, we did ask fortunate Fredrik what his best advice for fellow players would be, and he had some sage words to share. His top tip for a happy casino experience is never to play with more than you can afford- wise words, indeed!

So, what keeps this plucky player coming back to Vera&John time and time again? Well, for him it’s all about the people! “I’m so impressed with the professionalism at Vera&John. I’ve met great people and they’ve all treated me so well!”

Well thanks, Fredrik! We think you’re pretty awesome too!

Even a lazy Friday in can turn out to be the greatest party of your lifetime thanks to a jackpot win from Vera&John!

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Satoshi unearthed a $31,571 win on Hidden!

It always warms our hearts when a long time VJer comes out on top, and they broke the mould when they made Satoshi Y. That’s why it was especially heart-warming when he landed a staggering win of $31,571 on Hidden, one of our newest slots.

The story doesn’t end there, of course. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t even begin there. It began two days earlier, when the 41-year old from Tokyo sat down to few games of Hidden on his home computer. He started with nothing, having made a modest deposit before he began, and set about whiling away the weekend on his favourite online casino.

Before long he’d built his initial stake into a formidable sum. No stranger to big wins – after all, Satoshi’s been a member of the VJ family since 2013 – he kept spinning the next day. The wins kept piling up resulting in a big win of $31,571! We caught up with Satoshi to see if he had some words for us; turns out he had one or two.

“I love the atmosphere of real casinos, and I’ve tried a few online casinos,” he told us, “but I really do think VJ is the best. It feels like the players have a good chance of winning, and I’ve always felt that you were very fair with me.” Satoshi’s story is a good example of how wins can hit you anywhere at any time, “I was at home for the first couple of days,” he said, “but on the third day I was having a meal at a restaurant playing on my phone when I won the big one.”

When asked what he thought of Hidden, one of our newest games, Satoshi said, “I like how easy it is to play. The music is great, the bonus round is simple. And when three wilds appear in the mini bonus game- it’s quite exciting, and not something I find in any other game. I love the way the numbers go up when you get a high payout, it’s like, ‘Wow, it’s still going!’”

Finally, we asked him if he had any words of advice for fellow VJers hoping to get their first big win. He had this to say, “I think the most important thing is to be patient. You just have to realise that there are going to be ups and down, but don’t pay too much attention to them. I think that’s what eventually led me to the win.”

Well Satoshi’s patience certainly paid off. What would you do with a $31,571 win? An impromptu holiday? A shopping spree? All it takes is a modicum of luck, a little bit of patience, and you too could be a winner at Vera&John online casino!

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Suzanne hit the $44,300 jackpot with a $3.00 bet on Empire Fortune!

While most people spend their Sunday evenings relaxing with their feet up, perhaps thinking about what the new week might bring, Suzanne C. spent hers on the tips of her toes when she landed a jackpot win of $44,300, with a $3.00 wager on Empire Fortune!

The 51-year-old from Rio de Janeiro began her evening with a little deposit into her Vera&John account. Her intent was to wind down with a few relaxing spins on one of the many games on the site before heading bedward. She never suspected that very soon she’d be way too excited to sleep!

Something of a newcomer to the VJ family, Suzanne joined in March; she tells us it was on her mother’s recommendation, evidence if any were needed that we should all listen to our mothers. Or to Suzanne’s mother at least because it certainly seems to have paid off!

We asked Suzanne how she was doing since winning the jackpot.

“Awesome,” she said, “I feel awesome! I didn’t expect to win anything. I’ve never had a big win like this before. I was just alone on the sofa in my living room- I like to hook my computer up to the TV so I can see the reels spinning a bit better- and when the jackpot game started I was so excited to see everything happening on the big screen!”

Was there any particular reason she decided on Empire Fortune?

“I’ve no idea! It was completely random,” she said. “Just luck! I didn’t even know there was a jackpot on that game.”

How did her family react to the win?

“So far, I’ve only told my mom,” she said. “I think we’re all still in a bit of shock!”

Asked if she had any big plans for her windfall, she said, “No, it’s too early to even think about it.”

We think Suzanne’s got it right, with such a big win, it’s better not to rush into things, but we’re sure that more spins are on the horizon!

There you have it, another happy member of the Vera&John family! Could you be next? Why not have a few spins on Empire Fortune, with its Hold feature, Bonus tiles and free spins, and of course not forgetting the Jackpot Wheel, that could land you wins of up to $3,000,000! It’s all too tempting not to try it!

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Lightning Strikes twice for Torgils on Divine Fortune Touch

They say that lightning never strikes twice, but try telling that to Torgils when he landed the Mega Jackpot win on Divine Fortune Touch worth $171,956, and then two weeks later to the very day, struck it lucky a second time with a $79,212 win on the same game.

It was a Sunday just like any other in Stockholm, when Torgils picked up his tablet and logged in to his Vera&John account to while away the evening. A long-time fan of the VJ brand, he chose to have a few random spins on Divine Fortune Touch, and minutes later he saw those bonus coins start to drop and found himself face to face with the Jackpot Bonus game!

Three minutes is all it took to hit the Mega Jackpot, landing five bonus coins across the reels. We got in touch with Torgils who, as it turns out, was quite laid back about his win. When we asked him if he had anything to say about his windfall, the 75-year old replied in typically understated Swedish fashion, with, “well, it felt pretty good to get a big win.”

A no-nonsense kind of guy, when we asked him how much he thought his win would add up to, he just gave a sort of shrug and said, “I didn’t really know, I just kept watching it.” And the numbers kept going up and up. We’re not sure we could be quite as laconic if we’d won $171,956 three minutes after sitting down for a spin or two. There’d probably be a whole lot of jumping up and down, and maybe a little shouting.

And while luck of this magnitude might be a bolt from the blue for most of us, it struck again for Torgils only two weeks later when he landed a second jackpot win of $79,212 on Divine Fortune. Truly the Gods of old Olympus must be smiling down on him. We got in touch again to ask how he felt about this second stroke of luck, and once again he epitomised the “talk is silver, silence is golden,” nature of the Swedes. All he said was, “I’m pretty happy.”

There you have it. A success story from a man of few words. And whether you’re as relaxed as Torgils, or if, like us, you tend to get overwhelmed with excitement, all it takes is a few spins. You could be a winner at Vera&John!

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Naoki embarked on an ancient Egypt adventure with Book of Dead and won $27,940!

It was a Tuesday night just like any other, and Naoki T. was getting ready for bed when he decided to log in to his Vera&John account and play a few rounds of something fun. What should catch his eye, but Book of Dead, an ancient Egypt themed slot featuring Rich Wilde, adventurer extraordinaire. Only twenty minutes and a few spins later and Naoki was sitting pretty with a massive win of $27,940!

We got in touch with Naoki to ask him how he felt about his big win. “I really wasn’t sure what had happened for a moment,” he said. “I stared at my screen in disbelief. I still can’t believe it I won!”

Naoki is an ardent fan of the VJ brand, a member since 2015. We asked him what he liked about Book of Dead. Was it the combination of wilds, scatters, expanding symbols, and free spins, all wrapped up in an Egyptian themed pulp adventure package? “Actually, I think the ability to win up to 5000 times my bet is just wonderful,” he said, referring to Book of Dead’s expanding symbols during the free spin game, which almost guarantees big payouts.

While we had him on the line, we asked Naoki what attracted him to Vera&John, “Honestly? I started at Vera&John because I was really fed up with losing at Pachinko.” That’s as good a reason as any, because he’s come a long way from losing at Pachinko! “Sure, but as a long-time member, I wanted to say that I think VJ’s quick response to anything related to payments is one of the best in the business. Keep up the good work!”

There you have it, one more satisfied customer, and all of us here at Team VJ certainly hope Naoki continues to have good luck. When we asked him what he was going to do with his windfall, he said, “I’m going to play some more games, of course!” And there are so many great games in our library to choose from. Why not pick one and try a few spins, who knows, maybe like Naoki, you could land the jackpot!

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Give your wings a flutter, in Pixie Wings!

Set forth through the mystical elven forest of Vera&John online casino and prepare to enter the enchanted domain of the fairy king and queen in Pixie Wings, from Pragmatic Play.

This ethereal court hangs out in the deep woods, but they wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a 70s prog-rock album. The fairy king, queen, prince, and princess, feature as Mystery Symbols, as do the game logo – which is wild – and the ancient oak, which acts as a scatter.

All of the symbols of the game are Super Stacked, so they can potentially fill the screen for a massive payout!

Pixie Wings’ Free Spins feature will have you up in the air and thinking good thoughts. Activated when the scatter symbol shows up three times on any of the reels, the free spin feature super stacks the mystery symbols, and makes you choose between five modes of gameplay.

The fairy king, all gold and glorious, gives the highest return of the whole court, but only grants a measly 5 free spins, the queen grants 7, the fairy prince 9, and the fairy princess 11 free spins! There’s a fifth, mystery option, which gives between 3 and 12 spins, and any of the courtly fairies, or the wild symbol, can be the special super stack.

While other games might be jam-packed with features, Pixie Wings gets by on glitter and glitz. A straightforward slot, with its smooth gameplay and charming visuals, it’s sure to become a fast favourite at Vera&John.

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Sarah wins again, and again, and again on Piggy Riches Touch

Here at Vera&John online casino, it always makes us happy when someone like Sarah wins big on one of our slots. A long time VJ fan, she’s been a member of the family since 2013. She switched on her phone one morning to play a few spins on Piggy Riches Touch, and a little while later she found she’d won. So she played on, and won again… and again… and again.

It’s Friday, and looking forward to the weekend you treat yourself to a small deposit and make a few spins. Then you discover, like Sarah did, that you’ve won $20. It’s only a little win, but it’s a nice feeling, being a winner. Sarah wanted to hold onto that feeling, so she played some more. A short while later she won a second time, and then a third. She continued playing, and soon turned that small deposit into over $700!

An ordinary mortal might have stopped there, but not Sarah! She kept coming back to Piggy Riches, perhaps drawn by its abundance of free spins, and scatters, or by the fact that Piggy Riches is one of the biggest slot games of all time. A little while later she hit the big money when she landed over $24!

She was onto a streak of luck and bringing home the bacon; for, just over an hour later she bagged a second big win of $5,600, and twenty minutes after her persistence paid off again when she won another $15!

We reached out to Sarah to ask her how her winnings would make a difference in her life. She said, “These things never happen to me! I can’t wait to tell my husband! This is so much more than a happy weekend, our wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and now we can do something special. First, I’m going shopping, and then we’re heading out to look at a car.”

There’s always a first time to hit the jackpot. What happened to Sarah could happen to you, and with over a thousand games to choose from at Vera&John online casino, you’re certainly spoiled for choice. Just pick a slot and start spinning!

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Ulrika’s morning got off to a great start with a $4,577 win on Cash Splash 5 Reel Mobile!

What’s the most you can expect from a Wednesday? It’s a middling sort of a day. You’re not pinned under the weight of Monday, the weekend beckons there’s still a long way to go. It’s the reason Wednesday is called Hump Day, you just need to get over the hump of midweek and then it’s all downhill towards Friday.

It was a hump day in Dalarna County in Central Sweden, when Ulrika T. woke up to her usual routine. She turned on her phone, fetched herself a cup of coffee and logged into Vera&John online casino to play Cash Splash Five Reel Mobile, not expecting that today would be particularly different or that soon she would walk away with Jackpot winnings!

Team VJ caught up with Ulrika to ask her how she felt, “It was such a shock!” she said, “I feel fantastic. Part of my surname means ‘luck’ in Swedish, but I’ve never won anything this big before!” And she was lucky, because just moments after she made a deposit of $10, she netted $4,577 with a bet of only 30 cents!
In just ten minutes her fortune changed for the better.

Ulrika already knows what she’s going to do with her winnings, too. “Yeah! We have a holiday coming up. We’re going to go abroad, it’s something we’ve been planning for ages, so this win is such perfect timing.”

Well, we here at Vera&John hope that Ulrika and her family have a cracking time on their holiday. Today it’s Ulrika, but tomorrow it could be you if you take a chance on your luck, make a deposit and spin those reels!

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Bill Blaster rocked Micke’s day!

There’s nothing we like better than making someone’s day amazing by letting them know they’re a Vera&John winner! Normally, we hear a lot of screaming, there’s some jumping up and down- but not everyone knows what to say when they find out they’re a winner. Their jaws are too busy dropping to the floor to do any talking!

Weeeeell… not Micke! This super special winner was so overjoyed that he wanted to tell us all about it, and we’d just love to share his happy words with you, so here we go:

“Today, a boring Monday at work was transformed into the best day ever!

I got a call from VJ in the morning and learned that I was the latest “Bill Blaster” winner.

David (I think that was his name) called and congratulated me, then the winnings were in my account just 10 minutes later! Just a couple of hours after that, I had the money in my bank account.

You always think: "Those wins only happen to other players. It'll never happen to me." Well, today I know better! It can actually happen to anyone.

I just want to humbly say thank you for this win; tomorrow I’m off to the music festival and to purchase a new guitar!"

That’s just music to our ears. This excited winner touched our hearts, VJ teamsters, and we know he won’t be the last one!

There are always more chances to rock out with some amazing VJ wins, just like Micke! Don’t forget to check out all the details for the Bill Blaster campaign, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting new bonuses and contests coming soon!

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Natalie joins Vera&John, wins $24,243 within a week!

In the beginning of June, Natalie from Birmingham decided she could use a bit of good old-fashioned casino fun. She signed up for an account at Vera&John online casino and the rest is history!

Natalie felt like a few spins on the reels recently, and thought she’d try something new for a change. She’s not one to play at online casino very much, and the other sites she’d tried just didn’t cut it. Suddenly, she came across Vera&John online casino and the unusual name was what attracted her to set up an account. She said that she liked the name Vera&John – “it’s different and feels like you’re in someone’s living room.”

After making a deposit to her Vera&John account, Natalie had a look around the wide variety of available games and finally settled on Multifruit 81 to play on her phone. She started spinning and was having a fun time with the classic-style slot game, which features shiny fruit symbols with a retro feel.

Since Natalie was only playing for fun and placing small bets, she certainly wasn’t prepared for what came next – the reels spun into place and she won an amazing $24,243!

We got in touch with Natalie, who told us that herself and her family are all “buzzing”. She plans to spend her winnings on a fancy new car, refurbishing her flat, and she’ll also be treating her family to a summer holiday in a random destination. That’s what we like to hear!

Want to land a big win so you can jet off to a random destination with your loved ones? Looking to upgrade to a swankier car and buy a luxurious new couch? Your next big win could be waiting for you right here at Vera&John – everyone’s favourite fun casino!

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Winnings fit for a king in Ivanhoe!

High line winnings and a rich bonus game combine to make this slot from NYX a new favourite. Play it here at Vera&John online casino and you’ll be coming back again and again.

The legend goes that King Richard the Lionheart was on his way home to the Holy Land after a crusade, but he gets captured in Austria. This means that his brother, Prince John, is in charge of his loyal knights. Ivanhoe is a knight who stands by the King’s side and fight to get him back on the throne.

Ivanhoe will take you on an exciting journey in the bonus game thanks to different challenges that you must face to recapture the crown and return King Richard to the throne. To defeat Prince John and his men, you’ll need to possess abilities such as courage, cunning, strength, and a great deal of luck. Keep an eye on the progress bar and cross your fingers as you hope to achieve a big enough win that’ll take you to the next level, where even more rewarding multipliers await!

The Ivanhoe Bonus Game is made up of five different levels, and as you move up the levels, so do the multipliers. You’ll enter the bonus game once you land three bonus symbols on a single pay line. To progress through the levels, you’ll need to win a set number of coins on your current level – this will also give you more free spins as well as additional multipliers. Any remaining free spins that you have will be brought forward to the next level, increasing your winning potential even more!

Gear up for a historical adventure in this innovative 3-reel slot, which has been specifically designed for an exceptional mobile casino experience. The combination of traditional slot symbols, free spins, and a modern dot matrix plus a retro look and feel is a winner!

Play Ivanhoe right here at Vera&John online casino and prepare for some epic wins as you fight to bring King Richard back to his rightful throne! With the possibility of winning 3000 times your bet amount and 17 chances to win, this isn’t a game you’d want to miss!

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Stephen hit the Hall of Gods jackpot and won $76,160 with a $1.00 bet!

We’ll say it once more: here at Vera&John online casino, we just LOVE when someone lands a big win. Here’s another inspirational story about Stephen from Birmingham, who recently got his lucky break playing Hall of Gods Touch.

On an otherwise uneventful Sunday afternoon, Stephen thought he’d spice up his weekend with a round of spins at Vera&John online casino. He loves our very large selection of games and quick payouts, so he decided to make a $57 deposit to his account. He settled in, all set to enjoy some casino fun on the power-packed video slot, Hall of Gods Touch.

Less than ten minutes later, Stephen won the bonus game and got to choose between a few shield symbols. That was when he hit the midi jackpot, winning a mighty $76,160! Speaking of his win, he said; “It was amazing. I was literally staring at the phone screen for 5 minutes!”. We think we’d have done the same if we landed such a massive win. He told us that, whilst he was aware of the game’s jackpots, “never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to win a jackpot”. Stephen was also pleasantly surprised since he didn’t think he could win SO big with a $57 deposit and $1.00 bet – but therein lies the beauty of casino, where anyone can be a winner!

His tips for fellow players? “I think you don’t necessarily have to deposit a lot of money to win big, but where possible try and keep track of your spending. This is an excellent feature offered at Vera&John casino, since it’s easy to keep track of how much you play.” We’re pleased as punch to hear that you’re happy with the site and its features, Stephen!

How will Stephen be spending his winnings? He’s about to get his driving license any minute, so naturally a swanky car is in the cards for him. Then he’ll treat himself to a well-deserved holiday, as well as treating his mum and her partner to a trip. The rest of the money will go towards a deposit on a new house next year. Sounds like a plan to us!

Think you could be the next lucky jackpot winner? With new games added every week and a tonne of jackpot games, there’s a big chance you could be next in line for a life-changing win here at Vera&John – everyone’s favourite fun casino!

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Richard became $15,736 richer thanks to MegaJoker!

On a Tuesday night, Richard decided that he was in the mood for some nice, healthy fruit with a side of joker. The glowing cherries, lemons, oranges and watermelons on MegaJoker appealed to him, so he went ahead and had a few spins at Vera&John online casino…

Richard is a regular bloke from Essex who enjoys a few spins on the slots after working a long shift in his job as Office Manager. He’s never had any big wins before, and mainly just plays at Vera&John online casino for fun – he particularly loves our fantastic “Customer Support team and the occasional bonus”.

So, here’s how it all went down: Richard played a few spins on MegaJoker when, all of a sudden, the lights started flashing and a whole bunch of numbers appeared across his screen. Having never won the jackpot before, he was slightly shocked – had it really just happened?

Indeed, Richard had just hit the jackpot and won $15,736 in a single spin on MegaJoker! When we reached out to him after the win, he said: “It was a great feeling when I won. Very nice.” We also asked whether he’d be telling his family and friends the good news, to which he replied that he would only be telling “those who will benefit”. That seems like a wise decision, and besides, his friends already call him Rich anyway!

Rich also had some advice for his fellow VJ spinners: “Be persistent! Otherwise it’s all luck.” Fair point, as he wouldn’t have hit the jackpot if he stopped spinning after having a fruitless few first rounds. When we asked about his plans for the winnings, he told us that he’s still waiting for the news to sink in, but that he’d probably be enjoying a holiday some time soon.

So there you have it! Richard became rich by playing at Vera&John online casino and you could too! Check out the very many jackpot games available in our library and have a few spins – maybe people will start calling you rich soon!

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It all changed in a few seconds with a divine jackpot win!

Susanna turned away for just a second and her life changed! While she was busy tidying up, an amazing $76,315 win landed right in her lap thanks to the legendary Divine Fortune jackpot. Only Vera&John online casino could make evening chores so much fun!

It was just a regular evening in Helsinki and Susanna was busy tidying her apartment- not the most glamorous way to spend her time, but it had to be done. Lucky for her, she turned to the fun casino to keep her entertained as she worked… and she definitely didn’t regret it!

Susanne put her tablet down for a second and that’s exactly when the magic happened!

“I didn’t notice right away that I’d won,” she told us later, “it kind of happened behind my back! My hands started shaking as soon as I finally noticed that I’d won!”
There was no one around for Susanna to share her amazing news with, but she was soon on the phone telling her best friend what had just happened. We certainly wouldn’t be able to keep it to ourselves if we’d won $76,315 in one lucky spin!

That’s not to say that Susanna is shouting it from the rooftops or anything. No, this lucky lady has her feet firmly on the ground, in fact she hasn’t even started planning what to do with her wonderful win yet.

“I won’t dare to think about using that money until I see it in my account,” Susanna said, insisting that it all seemed so surreal right now. Luckily for her, she’s always been happy with Vera&John’s lightning-fast withdrawals in the past, so we won’t let her down after her amazing win.

Since she usually just plays with a little extra cash here and there, Susanna’s real money wins in the past have only been a hundred euros here and there. Good thing Divine Fortune’s jackpot came along to change that!

“I’m usually a small player, I just make small bets so I never believed I’d receive any big wins,” Susanna said.

Lucky for her, it doesn’t necessarily take big wagers to land big wins. Whether you’re a high roller on a red carpet, or just playing a few rounds to make your chores more fun, anyone can be a winner at Vera&John!

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Portugal wasn’t the only Eurovision winner!

Let’s have a round of applause for our Swedish friend Tim, who’s a winner in Vera&John’s Eurovision Millions!

It’s been an intense two weeks here at Vera&John online casino; thousands of spinners picked their finalists for each of the Eurovision Song Contest rounds with the hopes of winning $10,000,000, but only one player managed to get a winning score!

Tim from Sweden picked his top 12 contestants for the first Eurovision semi-final, and even though he managed to guess the correct contestants – they just weren’t in the right order. So, even though he didn’t hit the jackpot, Tim will still get a $500 cash prize. Maybe he can use some of his winnings to vote in the next exciting instalment of VJ’s Millions and bag an even bigger win!

There will be more fun opportunities for you to land a life-changing win with Vera&John online casino. Keep an eye on our News page or have a spin on any of our fantastic slots – your luck could change in an instant!

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Legendary wins from the mighty Vera&John!

Welcome, mighty warriors, to the realm of spinning gods and monstrous wins! Join the gods of Asgard on their quest and you may land a treasure worthy of legend yourself. Glory and wins are yours for the taking thanks to the Rune of Valhalla Bonus, the Charge of Destruction, and the chance to win up to 5000x your wager with the Gift of the Gods bonus!

The mighty Thor doesn’t bestow his godly strength to any slot, so here’s a game with a bit of a difference. To make epic combos on this 7x7 reel game, you’ll need to match 5 symbols or more- they can be in any pattern as long as they’re all touching horizontally or vertically.

To advance through this legendary game, you’ll need to make winning combos over the patterns on your reels. Clear the whole pattern to advance to the next level and unlock new bonuses! One god will be waiting for you on each level, and they just might bless you with the Gift of the Gods bonus and the chance to win up to 5000x your wager!

The gods may grant their blessing on any non-winning rounds in the base game- the bonus you get will depend on your current level’s patron god, so you’d better say your prayers! If Thor smiles down on you, lightning strikes will create up to 9 new wilds across the board, while Odin the Allfather creates 4 wilds grouped in pairs. The beautiful goddess Freya will create wild clusters until a win is achieved, while all-seeing Heimdall will grant you one wild on every row.

Nothing in this mythical slot is as it seems- even the runes that make up the most basic pay symbols may be enchanted to trigger the Runes of Valhalla bonus! You can collect all the runes by making winning combos in each colour- the more runes you collect, the better your chance at winning big in the Runes of Valhalla bonus wheel. You’ll get the chance to spin as soon as you clear your current pattern and move on to the next level.

Call up the vanguard- there are still more brilliant bonuses to battle for! Win on 20 symbols or more in one spin and you’ll activate the Charge of Destruction and claim one of 4 exciting features.

If you’re brave enough to score 40 symbols at once, you’ll be on your way to the bonus to end all bonuses… the Ragnarok Free Round! In the final battle between gods and monsters, you’ll get an automatically triggered free round, if no wins are achieved, one of the Charge of Destruction features will automatically trigger at random. Ragnarok only ends when all 4 potential features have triggered, and every win will take you a little further up the multiplier meter towards a massive maximum 15x multiplier!

Your adventures at Vera&John will definitely go down in myths and legends if you manage to best this brilliant game in battle. All you need is a sword, your favourite pointy helmet, and a little luck!

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Mohammed traded a €16 deposit for a €24,363 win!

Late one night in Helsinki, one lucky spinner chased down an amazing $24,363 win thanks to Sherlock Holmes and Team VJ! There’s no mystery here, just an incredible jackpot win for a very happy player.

Mohammed had made his mind up: he wasn’t going to wager too much anymore and that was that. Instead, he deposited a very reasonable $16 and decided that he would enjoy it as much as he could by playing on Vera&John online casino. He had no idea when he started that his sensible small deposit would soon turn into a $24,363 win!

“It’s amazing, of course! Totally incredible!” Mohammed said when Team VJ reached out to him for comment.

One lucky spin on Holmes and the Stolen Stones was all it took to turn this lucky young man’s life upside down. One minute everything was normal, and the next… BOOM! The impossible became possible.

However, just because this amazing win made the world seem unreal, don’t think that Mohammed is going to let it get to him. We’ve got to say, it’s been a while since we’ve met a winner as chill as this one! This super-cool spinner says that his winnings will go straight into his bank account and help him save up to buy his first apartment.

Pleased as punch with his brilliant win, Mohammed was even nice enough to offer his friends at Vera&John a drink on him. What a lovely winner- cheers to you, Mohammed!

If you’d like to be the next happy winner to offer us a round of drinks, you can get started now! Hunt down jackpot wins with Holmes and the Stolen Stones, or try any of the hundreds of games just waiting for you here at Vera&John online casino.

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A massive jackpot haul for our young winner!

She may only be 23 years old, but Ezra B has already had a lifetime’s worth of luck in just one spin! With an amazing jackpot win of $32,637 in the bank, her future is looking brighter than ever thanks to Vera&John.

It’s easy to see why Empire Fortune would grab any player’s imagination. There are loads of ways to win big on this regal video slot thanks to the Hold Feature, free spins, a Jackpot Wheel, and 3 amazing jackpots!

Ezra turned out to be one of the lucky players who really made the jackpots work to her advantage… though she never expected it to happen! It was a regular day like any other and Ezra was playing on Vera&John with her boyfriend. The pair of young lovebirds weren’t paying much attention to the game – when suddenly, a jackpot win came rolling in!

“It was the best feeling ever,” she said to Vera&John later, “the best surprise!”

Though she’s only been a V&J player for a few months, Ezra knows that we’re the casino for her. She says it’s something about our brilliant Loyalty Program and the bonuses we love to dish out: “you just can’t get that anywhere else!”

As for her massive $32,637 jackpot win, Ezra isn’t sure what she’s going to do with it just yet. It may go into a rainy-day fund, or help her to buy her first property- looks like this young lady has a sensible head on her shoulders. Don’t forget to treat yourself though, Ezra, you deserve it!

This amazing jackpot has a life lesson for our young winner and for everyone else: amazing things might be just around the corner every day! When you play at Vera&John online casino, they may be even closer than you think.

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A tasty $2,631 win on her favourite game!

It may be chilly up in Finland, but one lucky winner from Northern Ostrobothnia was lucky enough to score some hot wins! You never know when a sizzling jackpot is about to drop, so you’d better be ready to catch it at any time.

Heini K. was having a pretty normal day when an amazing jackpot win finally landed right in her lap! There she was, enjoying a few spins at Vera&John online casino, when all of a sudden, she found herself $2,631 richer. Not too bad!

To make that tasty win even better, it happened to be on Heini’s all-time favourite slot game: Enchanted Meadows. Speaking to Team V&J later, she said that winning on her favourite game made it even better.

The magical fairies who inhabit this game bring plenty of fantastic features along with them- including up to 50 free spins with multipliers. No wonder Heini fell under Enchanted Meadows’ spell!

“I’m really attracted to this game’s bonus feature,” she told Team V&J, “I often keep playing until I get into the bonus! Just a tip for other players: the better you know the game, the more interesting it is to play.”

Wise words from a lucky winner. It’s not the first time Heini’s landed an amazing win, either… so this lady knows what she’s talking about! When it comes to the really big wins, Heini already knows what to do with them- they usually go towards buying new electronics or fixing up her car.

Treat yourself to something this time, Heini! It’s all on Vera&John, after all.

Another happy winner counts their cash thanks to the huge jackpots here at V&J. Heini doesn’t have to have all the fun- you could be our next big winner if you just pick your lucky slot and keep on spinning!

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Amanda hit the jackpot in Hall of Gods!

Six months ago, Amanda H from Limhamn in Sweden decided to create an account on Vera&John online casino. Last week she realised that joining the V&J family might have been the wisest move she made in a while…

It’s Sunday night and Amanda’s relaxing at home with her boyfriend, trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the weekend that she can. She grabs her mobile, logs on to her V&J account and makes a $10 deposit. Since Amanda likes to play a variety of the awesome games available, she thinks for a few seconds and settles on Hall of Gods as her game of choice for the evening.

As Amanda enjoys a few $1.00 spins, she notices a message pop up on her screen to congratulate her about something and thinks to herself, “cool, I guess I’ve won $265!”. She takes another spin on the reels and then something clicks in her mind – she’s actually just won the $265,548 jackpot!

Both Amanda and her boyfriend were pleasantly surprised, to the extent that they couldn’t even fall asleep that night! The following day one of our wonderful support agents contacted Amanda to confirm the good news – that’s when she finally believed that this wasn’t a dream, but was in fact reality!

Amanda is extremely happy now that she’s proven all the haters wrong – “Now I don’t feel so bad about all those people who think I’m stupid for hoping to win the jackpot!”. She and her boyfriend have already booked their tickets for a trip to Thailand and are thinking about what colour their new Porsche should be – personally, we like the idea of pink, blue or both!

So there you have it – don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t win the jackpot here at Vera&John online casino! Amanda is proof that a modest $1.00 spin can turn into a dream holiday and shiny new car! Why not check out our wide selection of jackpot games and try your luck today?

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Kenneth found $101,133 at the end of the beanstalk!

Kenneth from Sweden was just a regular guy looking for a bit of fun at Vera&John online casino on an otherwise uneventful Sunday night. It was late and he couldn’t sleep, so he thought he’d have a couple of spins on Jack and the Beanstalk. That turned out to be the best decision Kenneth had made in a while…

As Kenneth was enjoying the game, he spun the reels and suddenly hit a big win of $101,133! The first thing he did was run around the whole house - at 2 o’clock in the morning – to tell his family he’d won. Well, we think that’s a good enough reason to be woken up in the middle of the night!

When we spoke to Kenneth, he was extremely happy and excited about the win. He told us how he’s “never had any big wins before, so everything seems unreal right now”. The best part is that Kenneth’s big win was on a game he doesn’t usually play – he only chose it because it’s his daughter’s favourite fairytale!

He’s planning to celebrate by sharing his winnings with his family - a vacation with his children and grandchildren is on the cards for the near future! He’s also enjoyed sharing the news with his friends, who can’t believe Kenneth’s luck!

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