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Video slots

Vera&John casino offers you hundreds of video slots. The games are a bit more advanced than regular online slots and include bonus games, wild symbols and freespin functionalities.

You will understand why we offer a wide range of video slot machines once you have played one. All the games have fantastic storylines and graphics creating an unforgettable gaming experience online.

Great to look at and fun to play but most importantly – you can win cash and bonuses on all our online slots.

Slot Machines

When online casinos refer to slot machines, it is normally in reference to slot machine games like those you used to play on the old, mechanical slot machines. This was before the slots started to get several hundred game lines, interactive bonus games and complicated payout schemes.

If you enjoy playing the traditional slot machines, we recommend that you take a look through the slots section (not Video Slots) as it is full of classic, fancy slot machine games, including famous titles such as Jackpot 6000 and Super Nudge 6000.

A video slot machine doesn't have physical spinning wheels, but instead a screen showing animated wheels. The fact that there's no real wheels, gave the game developers a greater degree of freedom, to include bonus games that look quite different from the main game. In essence, all slot machines online are video slots as they appear on a screen, but it's still common to distinguish between slots and video slots in order to specify the type of game - a traditional or modern one.

When video slots were first introduced in the market, the conventional slot players were skeptical of the new technology. Players however quickly learnt that video slots were good, if not better, at serving them winnings and also provided a variety of new and exciting features!

Technically all slots on the Internet are video slots because they aren’t mechanical machines and this means their manufacturers can take certain liberties, even when designing retro slot machines. For example, Jackpot 6000 has two different game modes – Standard mode and Super Meter mode – this provides a more varied gaming experience without losing the simplicity and feeling of standing in front of an old, mechanical slot machine and feeding it coins. So stay “young and trendy” and play slots online!