Slots of hidden Reptoids!

We’re going Reptoid crazy here at Vera&John, and it’s all thanks to Yggdrasil for alerting us to the alien lizard threat. The Reptoid conspiracy is real! Anyone you know could be a Reptoid. YOU could be a Reptoid. I could be a Reptoid. Oh no, I hope I’m not a Reptoid.

Excuse me for stoking this particle of paranoia. I’m all riled up by Reptoids, a 5 reel 20 payline video slot from Yggdrasil. The slot's high value symbols are the faces of human characters; a policeman, a scientist, a senator, etc. But things aren’t what they seem. They’re secretly Reptoids, reptilian monsters in disguise!

But don’t worry, while uncovering these incognito chameleons is no easy task, the Repto Detector makes it so much easier. With every spin, the Repto Detector scans left and right across the reels, coming to rest when the spinning stops. If the frame lands on a face symbol, the symbols becomes a wild.

When the Repto Detector lands on one of the gold coin scatters, you know you’re closing in on those pesky Reptoids and their days are numbered. The sirens go off, and you’re taken to free spin mode, and given 7 free spins. When the Repto Detector lands on a face symbol during free spin mode, not only does that symbol become a wild, but it stays wild for the duration of the bonus game. Additionally, for every two Reptoids uncovered, you’re awarded 2 extra free spins!

The scatters themselves are paying symbols, and will reward you if you land more than 2 of them. Score 5 and you’ll walk away with 100,000 coins. If the Repto Detector lands on one of them, you’ll score the line first, then be taken to the free spin mode.

Those loathsome lizards are easy enough to spot once you know what you’re looking for. So take a spin on Reptoids and I’m sure we’ll turn the tide against the reptilian menace – unless you’re one of THEM…!

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