Summon up some swirly spins

There’s riches and treasure locked away behind the stone door, and Finn’s playing his flute for all he’s worth to magic his way inside. Help him out and you might earn some of that treasure for yourself in this video slot from NetEnt.

These spins are swirly, that’s true, but don’t let that confuse you. Rather than falling on the 5x5 grid, symbols enter from the bottom left – the first symbol is always a Free Spin Key Symbol, more on that later – with wins formed from any horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more matching symbols.

When you score a win with matching symbols, the winning symbols disappear with a pop leaving a wild in their wake. When a wild is used up in a winning line, not only does it disappear, it explodes, taking out the symbols immediately adjacent to it. After the dust has settled, the rest of the symbols file clockwise towards the keyhole at the centre; get the Free Spin Key there and you’ll open the way for Finn to visit the magical world of free spins!

That’s not to say Finn isn’t without a bit of magic of his own. On random non-winning spins, our faerie flautist will rustle up a lick of legerdemain and land some random magic down on the reels. This can manifest in one of four ways:
Starfall Wilds drops 2 or more wilds on the reels at random – they won’t ever cover the key symbol, so don’t worry about that. If you don’t get a win, then more wilds will fall until you do. With Dragon Destroy, Finn calls up a dragon to set fire to a random number of symbols, removing them from the grid in such a way that a win is guaranteed when the smoke clears. Finn’s Irish Luck fills a horizontal or vertical line with the same random symbol, resulting in a win. Finally, the symbols could be hit with a Magic Transform spell, transmuting all of the spade and heart symbols on the grid into different higher value symbols.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind before we jet off to the land of promised spins, and that’s the key collecting feature! Every time you land the free spin key at the centre of the spiral, you’ll collect a key. You’ll need a certain number of keys to access all the free spin games. Owning one key gets you into the Star Bar, you need 4 keys to unlock the Lava Lair, 9 to get into the Lucky Mug, and 16 keys to open up the Golden Pot. Now, the keys don’t disappear after you’ve used them, so keep on playing to unlock all the bonus games!

Enter the Star Bar a stellar chill out space, where you’re awarded 7 free spins with the Starfall Wilds feature active on every non-winning spin. The Lava Lair is home to the kind of lounge lizard you would rather avoid. You’re given 3 free spins with the Dragon Destroy feature active, and a Sticky Wild where the free spin key symbol would normally appear in the base game. In the Lucky Mug you’ll find four free spins waiting for you with a little Irish Luck attached. And finally, at the Golden Pot you’re given 2 free spins with the Magic Transform feature activate.

Why not take a look for yourself and see what kind of magic a few swirly spins can summon up at Vera&John online casino!

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