Shota's $32,748 birthday present on Ozwin's Jackpots

Stuck at work on his special day, Shota S. was not in the mood for celebration. But one lucky spin at his favourite online casino gave him an early birthday present and summoned up a magical $32,748 win!

While other people might have resented spending their special day at work, Shota made sure to make his breaks more fun with a little me time. Our hero logged into his Vera&John account and set off on an adventure in search of five enchanted crystals. His reward: the Archmage's Jackpot—a tidy sum of gold amounting to $32,748, enough to buy—I don't know—a hundred birthday cakes!

“How did you react to winning that much money?” we asked when we caught up with Shota to talk about his birthday bonus. “I was so happy,” he said. “So happy. I think I was probably silently pulling a funny face.” We love the delightful image of Shota gurning with a mix of joy and surprise at his phone.

Ozwin’s Jackpots was Shota’s game of choice, we asked him what he thought of it. “I’ve never actually played a jackpot game before!” he said. “So, this was my first time. It was the kind of game that made me think I could win something.” A colourful slot with an epic story behind it, Ozwin’s Jackpots gives you two ways to get into the jackpot round and score legendary wins!

A VJ player for only 6 short months, Shota’s already spinning in the big league. We asked him for some hints and tips he could pass along to his fellow players. “Don’t expect too much,” he told us. “If I have any advice at all, it’s that. If you play with the expectation of winning, and then lose, you’re only going to be disappointed, aren’t you? Just play.” That’s sterling advice, and not just for playing slots!

We could not be happier that Shota landed the big one on his birthday! Everyone deserves to feel like a winner now and then, and who knows, next time it could be YOUR lucky day! Load up your favourite slot and take a chance right here at Vera&John online casino.

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