Matthew levelled up to become VJ’s latest big winner!

Just when you think it’s Game Over, something wonderful may be about to happen. Gamer Matthew was on a lucky streak when Mega Fortune managed to change his fortunes and give him the big win he'd been waiting for. He scored an amazing $41,640 win that sent him shooting up to the next level.

Sadly, we all know there’s no cheat codes for real life. Otherwise we’d all be trying to Konami Code our way to the easy life all day, every day. Lucky for Matthew, he didn’t need any hacks, cheats, or secret codes, he just needed to sit back and relax with Vera&John online casino until $41,640 came rolling into his account.

We’re not saying it was easy- after all, Matthew had never managed to win anything close to this amount before.

“It was weird!” He said, talking about his amazing win. We’re guessing you mean the good kind of weird, right Matt? “I’m still in shock, it’s surreal. I feel very lucky and quite content.”

Though this lucky winner didn’t let us in on any specific plans for his sudden windfall, we have a suspicion that the self-described gaming enthusiast and PC builder may be able to find a few ways to put the money to good use. After all $41,640 buys you more new kit than you can shake a joystick at!

Though Matthew says he didn’t have a particular reason for choosing NetEnt’s popular jackpot slot Mega Fortune we know he made a great choice- and not just because of his incredible win, either! This swank slot knows a thing or two about living the highlife thanks to 3 incredible progressive jackpots.

Don’t let Matthew have all the luck... at the time of writing, Mega Fortune’s Mega Jackpot still has a jaw-dropping prize pot of over $2,000,000 waiting to be won! Take your wins to the next level just like Mathew did and find out if there’s a mega win waiting for you somewhere on Vera&John online casino.

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