William’s dreams came true with $45,419 win on Dream Catcher Mobile

How would you feel if your life was turned upside down in a moment as the result of one bet? Well, that’s what happened to William when he struck it lucky after taking a gamble on Dream Catcher mobile and ended up with a big win of $45,419!

It was a sleepy Sunday morning in Sweden when William decided to start his day off with a few spins on Dream Catcher. If you’d given the 20-year-old a hint of what was about to happen, he would never have believed that only moments later his bank account would be $45,419 richer!

A relative newcomer to the VJ family; William’s only been a member since the Summer, Dream Catcher has fast become his favourite thing to do on the site. “It’s really the thing I like the most about Vera&John,” he said. One of the many live casino games featured on Vera&John, Dream Catcher features a money wheel, and the excitement of watching a live dealer in action.

We caught up with William and asked him to give us a few words to describe how he felt when he realised he’d won the big one. While he did give us some words, unfortunately one or two of them aren’t repeatable in polite company. Suffice it to say that he was effusively happy and not afraid to describe his feelings.

Asked whether he had any plans for his winnings, William said, “I’ve got lots of ideas, of course, but all I can think of right off the top of my head is that I can finally buy an apartment.”

Has he told anyone about his win? “I haven’t even told any of my friends yet! Obviously, I’ll have to at some point, but for now, I’ve only told my mum.”

It only takes a few seconds for life as you know it to change forever. For William, it was a few chance bets on his favourite game. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it’ll be your turn!

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