Suzanne hit the $44,300 jackpot with a $3.00 bet on Empire Fortune!

While most people spend their Sunday evenings relaxing with their feet up, perhaps thinking about what the new week might bring, Suzanne C. spent hers on the tips of her toes when she landed a jackpot win of $44,300, with a $3.00 wager on Empire Fortune!

The 51-year-old from Rio de Janeiro began her evening with a little deposit into her Vera&John account. Her intent was to wind down with a few relaxing spins on one of the many games on the site before heading bedward. She never suspected that very soon she’d be way too excited to sleep!

Something of a newcomer to the VJ family, Suzanne joined in March; she tells us it was on her mother’s recommendation, evidence if any were needed that we should all listen to our mothers. Or to Suzanne’s mother at least because it certainly seems to have paid off!

We asked Suzanne how she was doing since winning the jackpot.

“Awesome,” she said, “I feel awesome! I didn’t expect to win anything. I’ve never had a big win like this before. I was just alone on the sofa in my living room- I like to hook my computer up to the TV so I can see the reels spinning a bit better- and when the jackpot game started I was so excited to see everything happening on the big screen!”

Was there any particular reason she decided on Empire Fortune?

“I’ve no idea! It was completely random,” she said. “Just luck! I didn’t even know there was a jackpot on that game.”

How did her family react to the win?

“So far, I’ve only told my mom,” she said. “I think we’re all still in a bit of shock!”

Asked if she had any big plans for her windfall, she said, “No, it’s too early to even think about it.”

We think Suzanne’s got it right, with such a big win, it’s better not to rush into things, but we’re sure that more spins are on the horizon!

There you have it, another happy member of the Vera&John family! Could you be next? Why not have a few spins on Empire Fortune, with its Hold feature, Bonus tiles and free spins, and of course not forgetting the Jackpot Wheel, that could land you wins of up to $3,000,000! It’s all too tempting not to try it!

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