Sarah wins again, and again, and again on Piggy Riches Touch

Here at Vera&John online casino, it always makes us happy when someone like Sarah wins big on one of our slots. A long time VJ fan, she’s been a member of the family since 2013. She switched on her phone one morning to play a few spins on Piggy Riches Touch, and a little while later she found she’d won. So she played on, and won again… and again… and again.

It’s Friday, and looking forward to the weekend you treat yourself to a small deposit and make a few spins. Then you discover, like Sarah did, that you’ve won $20. It’s only a little win, but it’s a nice feeling, being a winner. Sarah wanted to hold onto that feeling, so she played some more. A short while later she won a second time, and then a third. She continued playing, and soon turned that small deposit into over $700!

An ordinary mortal might have stopped there, but not Sarah! She kept coming back to Piggy Riches, perhaps drawn by its abundance of free spins, and scatters, or by the fact that Piggy Riches is one of the biggest slot games of all time. A little while later she hit the big money when she landed over $24!

She was onto a streak of luck and bringing home the bacon; for, just over an hour later she bagged a second big win of $5,600, and twenty minutes after her persistence paid off again when she won another $15!

We reached out to Sarah to ask her how her winnings would make a difference in her life. She said, “These things never happen to me! I can’t wait to tell my husband! This is so much more than a happy weekend, our wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and now we can do something special. First, I’m going shopping, and then we’re heading out to look at a car.”

There’s always a first time to hit the jackpot. What happened to Sarah could happen to you, and with over a thousand games to choose from at Vera&John online casino, you’re certainly spoiled for choice. Just pick a slot and start spinning!

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