Two massive wins on Dead or Alive 2

Unbelievable! Not one, but TWO big wins, on the SAME GAME, from the SAME COUNTRY! Juho and Johanna from Finland shot out a combined win of $130,824 on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 within 4 days of each other.

July seems to have been pretty eventful for two very lucky Vera&John players from Finland. Johanna was the first big winner and blasted out a whopping win of $82,068. “The figure began rising like crazy in front of my eyes, and for a moment I doubted whether I was playing with real money or not!” Juho had quite the similar experience four days later when he couldn’t believe he’d actually won $48,756. “I only imagined I’d win a few hundred euros. I just stared at the screen watching the numbers go up. After I’d gone to bed, I couldn’t sleep a wink!” We don’t blame you, Juho… with a win like that, nobody would!

Maarit was hot on the heels of a $38,621 jackpot win!


Maarit was hot on the heels of a win, but unlike a certain consulting detective she didn't need a magnifying glass or a

A powerful $50,163 prize from Golden Temple!


One brave and lucky adventurer has found the riches which were lost in the mysterious temple, and is now Vera&John’s newest

A breath-taking $80,323 prize which left João speechless!


The moment a jackpot prize flashes on the screen is an unbelievable moment.

Naomi’s juiced a delicious win of $30,580 on Laser Fruit!


An ordinary night just like any other turned into one like no other for Naomi.

A Jackpot win gave Sho the thrill of his life!


A quick boost is just what you need to get started first thing in the morning.

Michael landed a tasty $290,970 win on Laser Fruit!


If life gives you lemons, ask for more lemons and maybe you’ll land a high win on Laser Fruit, just like Michael!


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