Get the party started this January

2018 was an excellent year: we all enjoyed 488 tournaments, 19 network promotions, 643 new game releases including a new game introduction, over 3 million purchased shop items and more than 463 million issued coins, and for this we tip our hat to 2018. But HELLO 2019! We’re mighty excited to say the least, because we’ve got a month bursting at the seams with 12 banging tournaments!

Start the year right with our Start off with a Bang! month-long tournament with four 5-day Mega tournaments starting on Fridays, four 2-day Midi tournaments starting on Wednesdays, and four 1-hour long Mini tournaments starting on Tuesdays. The festivities kick off on the 4th January at 11:00 CET until 1st February at 11:00 CET and you could be walking out with a great party bag from the total cash prize pool of $30,000. Check out the Tournaments page for more information on each tournament.

We don’t believe in January blues! Why start the new year miserable and bitter about the weather and how much weight you (might have) put on, when you can start the new year with a BANG?!

Terms and conditions
1. Tournaments promotion period: 04/01/2019 11:00 CET - 01/02/2019 11:00 CET.
2. Each tournament will start from 11:00 CET.
3. The Mega tournaments begin on Fridays and will last for 5 days (120 hours). The Midi tournaments begin on Wednesdays and will last 2 days (48 hours). The Mini tournaments begin on Tuesdays and last 1 hour.
4. 5-day Mega Tournament prize pool $5,000 cash
1st $1,500
2nd $750
3rd $500
4th & 5th $250
6th – 10th $100
11th – 20th $50
21st – 50th $25
5. 2-day Midi Tournament prize pool $2,000 cash
1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200
4th & 5th $100
6th – 10th $50
11th – 20th $25
21st – 50th $10
6. 1-hour Mini Tournament prize pool $500 cash
1st $100
2nd $75
3rd $50
4th & 5th $25
6th – 10th $15
11th – 25th $10
7. Each tournament will have its own individual terms and conditions available on the tournament page during its promotion period.
8. Tournament winners will be determined based on the following mechanics:
Week 1: most game rounds played.
Week 2: best equalised payout over specified consecutive rounds.
Week 3: most game rounds played.
Week 4: highest number of points accumulated during tournament period.
9. Play with bonus money does not count towards tournaments.
10. Vera&John reserves the right to end, change, or alter this promotion at any time.
11. General terms and conditions apply.

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