Blast off on a Middle Earth adventure!

We can’t promise you dragons or orcs, but we can promise thrills and excitement as we prepare to blast off on the first of three $40,000 Edge of Space tournaments! That’s one tournament a month between now and December, each with its own eye-popping first prize, so you’d better buckle up, Bilbo!

There’s a $10,000 Middle Earth adventure holiday up for grabs in our Edge of Space: Launch Stage tournament, but you don’t need to scale Mount Doom to get it, you just have to climb to the top of our tournament leaderboard!

Instant cash prizes in Yggdrasil’s $30,000 Sahara Siege


These Vikings really are berzerk!

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In this fast-paced online world, there’s an app for everything, but does there need to be?

Payday Heyday Bonuses!


The end of September marks the official end of summer… but the end of this month also means it’s payday!

It’s the VJ Oktobetfest!


No need to travel all the way to Munich to celebrate the Oktobetfest.

Go Berzerk for $20,000 worth of instant cash prizes!


Watch out! These Vikings are about to go on a rampage and make your weekend 100% more Berzerk!

Step right up to enjoy new treats at the Summer Spinfest!


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