This weekend, it’s time to Bring Back the Bonus!

There are lots of things we want to make a comeback: roller discos, mood rings, movies with cheesy theme songs. You know, just the simple stuff. Well, you’re in luck because this weekend we’re bringing some of your losses back to life with Bring Back the Bonus!

Hey, we’ve all had a bad beat every now and again- it happens. Luckily, we’re here to see you through this weekend with Bring Back the Bonus and a wonderful bonus top up if you run into a spot of bad luck.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s simple. If you’re a big winner, you can obviously keep all your brilliant wins. But if Lady Luck just isn’t on your side this weekend, we’ll bring back some of the fun with a bonus top up of up to $50. It won't replace your lost funds, but it will definitely bring back some fun!

All you’ve got to do is take a trip to the VJ Shop and purchase our Opt In shop item to get started. That way, if you happen to lose $50 cash or more this weekend, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a bonus worth 10% of your

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