This €3.4 million win smashed our records!

You never know when life is about to change forever. One minute, Mia was picking a new game to play, and just 60 seconds later, she was the lucky winner of the biggest jackpot in Vera&John history! An incredible €3.4 million win came tumbling into her account, and we haven’t stopped celebrating since!

What if I told you that it was possible to trade a 77-cent bet for a jackpot win that would change your life? You’d probably say I was crazy, but Mia’s living proof.
One sleepy weekday morning, her life changed forever thanks to a tiny bet on Joker Millions Mobile. She won the largest jackpot in Vera&John history, and all she could do was cry.

Wait, what?! Shouldn’t our biggest ever winner be jumping up and down, or dancing on a table from sheer unrestrained glee? The truth is that Mia was so overcome with emotions that she just couldn’t hold back the tears after her €3.4 million jackpot win. Rest assured, Vera&John family, they were tears of pure joy!

“This win comes at such a great time,” said the lucky mother of three, who couldn’t wait to share the news with her husband.

When we called her back the next day to confirm the win, there was another little flood of joy from Mia, though her happy hubby did his part by cheering and screaming in the background. Hey, we all show our happiness in different ways! Even though they’ve become millionaires overnight, this lucky couple aren’t looking for anything extravagant to keep them happy.

“It’s all a huge relief,” said Mia, talking about her plans to pay off their mortgage, upgrade the house’s central heating and do a little redecorating. Who needs sports cars and extravagant spending when they’ve got a happy home and a loving family to take care of?

One tiny wager was all it took to turn Mia into a millionaire! You never know when destiny might come calling for you, especially when you play at Vera&John online casino