Michael landed a tasty $290,970 win on Laser Fruit!

If life gives you lemons, ask for more lemons and maybe you’ll land a high win on Laser Fruit, just like Michael! He’s not bitter, in fact his $290,970 win has left rather a sweet taste in his mouth!

To call him a relative newcomer to the Vera&John experience would be an award-winning understatement. The 32-year-old’s first exciting big win came less than a day after he registered his VJ account! Always an early riser, Michael logged into his new favourite online casino first thing in the morning for a few fresh spins on Laser Fruit, and moments later landed a juicy win worth $290,970!

We called Michael to congratulate him on his good fortune, and we found him in a great mood as you might expect! Michael wasn’t just happy, he was SUPER happy with his windfall. “I needed a new car, and I’ve been apartment shopping, so this is just perfect timing,” he said.

Shota's $32,748 birthday present on Ozwin's Jackpots


Stuck at work on his special day, Shota S. was not in the mood for celebration.

A Swedish sweep at the VJ Winter Games!


In February we held the VJ Winter Games here at Vera&John.

One spin ended in a juicy $42,061 win on Fruit Shop Touch


Taal’s evening took a fruitful turn when he landed a juicy win on NetEnt’s Fruit Shop!

Lars landed a $101,800 high win on Golden Temple!


“These big wins hardly ever happen,” Lars said to himself as he played a few spins on his favourite slot.

Sandy had some Divine Fortune when she hit the $95,662 jackpot!


Sandy’s Tuesday was turned upside down in mere moments when she landed a $95,662 jackpot win!


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