Naomi’s juiced a delicious win of $30,580 on Laser Fruit!

An ordinary night just like any other turned into one like no other for Naomi. It was a berry merry night for Naomi the moment her screen flashed with the pulpy prize of $30,580!

What better way to spend the start of the weekend than by spinning a few reels at the fun casino? That’s what Naomi reasoned, and it’s a very good thing she did too, because a juicy win was in store for her! Naomi booted up her PC and got ready for a relaxing Friday night, chilling and winding down with Vera&John and Red Tiger’s Laser Fruit.

She couldn’t believe what happened next… you can say it was a double win because not only did Naomi bag herself free spins, but by the end of it, ended up with a cherry big $30,580 win. Now that’s a fruity, juicy, fun-packed smoothie if I ever saw one!

Naomi cherry-picked Laser Fruit with good reason. “I think it’s a very interesting game as expanding reels keep extending and it has a high winning potential. I really like the music too.” We must say, this game reel-y merits turning up the beet as the party gets going with neon blocks which expand reels and burst into berry juicy wins. Now that’s a fruit salad worth trying!

We asked Naomi for her tips on bagging the big wins. Her answer: Be brave and go for it! “Get a winning streak by playing explosive or tough games”, she advises. “I also try to remember the positions of the symbols, both when I’m winning and when I’m losing.” Well, that’s a juicy peach of information.

So, how’s Naomi planning on using her grape win? “I will invest it so as to win even bigger. It feels to me, like Vera&John’s winnings are set relatively higher than other casinos’. There are a number of times I won substantial amounts from small wagers. I look forward to winning again in the future”

Well, thank you, Naomi, for your kind words and your loyalty to us, here at Vera&John! We’re immensely grapeful (as is Naomi, undoubtedly). So, there you go! Vera&John not only offers the most fun and ap-peel-ing slots around, but can make you feel like one in a melon, even on the most seemingly ordinary of days!


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