The cash tournaments are music to our ears!

You’ve banged the drums for the January cash campaign and we were all ears to your songs of praise, so we’re back with all your requests. There it is! Your tune! Yes, we’re bringing sexy, I mean, a month-packed-with-tournaments, back!

Our month of tournaments is still in first place in the VJ top charts. This Bang the Drums hit, once again features four 5-day Mega tournaments starting on Fridays, four 2-day Midi tournaments starting on Wednesdays, and four 1-hour long Mini tournaments starting on Tuesdays. The festivities kick off on the 1st February at 11:00 CET until the 1st March at 11:00 CET and you could be walking out with a great party bag from the total cash prize pool of $30,000. Check out the Tournaments page for more information on each tournament.

Does this ring a bell? Get your dancing shoes on and your hair fixed. Vera&John’s dancing to your tune.

Make a splash in this massive prize pool!


Whether you’re more of the pencil jump kind of person, or whether you like to make waves with big bomb jumps, make a splash in

Win an Orca Safari for two!


Do you long to witness the awesome majesty of whales leaping above the waves? Whale then, have we got a raffle for you!

Get the party started this January


2018 was an excellent year: we all enjoyed 488 tournaments, 19 network promotions, 643 new game releases including a new game

Ho! Ho! Ho! And off we go on a Christmas Shopping Mission!


Pressies all wrapped? Stockings stuffed?

Unwrap a $200,000 Big Holiday Giveaway!


There's a special cheer in the air – 'tis the season after all – and we hope to add to the jollity, because your favourite online

Wonderful Winter Wonderland daily offers


The next train departing from VJ casino to Winter Wonderland will shortly depart from check point 1!


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