Kings of Chicago - Play for fun. This game is operated under License Number MGA/CL1/552/2009 of Malta Gaming Authority.

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Kings of Chicago

Play your cards right and you could rake in some ace wins, with Kings of Chicago.

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You’ll want to check what decade you’re living in after playing this game for a while, as you’ll be so convinced you’re a 1920s Chicago mobster that it will be hard to believe that it’s a slot game!

What’s unusual about this game is that it appears at first sight to be a card game, but the cards have little importance, other than influencing some of the winning rules of Kings of Chicago.

Such as the three of a kind rule, whereby any three similar cards can win, whether or not they’re lined up from left to right.

Other poker rules also apply, in a similar way, adapted to the slot reel format. You’ll never get the same card twice on the screen, as it is made to look like the cards are being spread by an invisible dealer. This makes it more realistic than many other games.

The scatter card can be any card, as the title is randomly attributed after each hand is dealt.

If you’re a fan of cards but are venturing into slot games, this game is ‘ace’ and is a great ‘jack’ of all trades.


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