The VJfest Oktobetfest

Hallo und wilkommen to VJ’s very own Oktobetfest, combining everything great about the popular Oktobetfest with great games!

While we can’t provide you with pretzels and delicious grilled sausages to eat, we most definitely can offer you tournaments, discounted shop items and cash prize pools to devour. Feast your eyes on 17 days of daily tournaments, each lasting 3 hours from 11:00 CEST until 14:00 CEST with a $1,000 cash prize pool in each one. Prizes vary from $25 and go all the way to $250. The players occupying the top twenty places on the leaderboard will celebrate with tankards full of their prize amounts.

And like we said, there’s a tournament each day. So, don’t worry if your gameplay dirndl’t go as you wished it would because there’ll be another tournament the next day, and the next, and the next, all the way until 11:00 CEST on the 6th of October!

Got your lederhosen and dirndls on nice and snug? Kommen over to the during the Oktobetfest period as our stalls hold a variety of discounted shop items on Free Spins and Spin Credits.

It’s always time to party and let your braids loose at Vera&John. Prost to that!

Terms and Conditions
  1. Oktobetfest promotion period: 20/09/2019 11:00 CEST – 06/10/2019 11:00 CEST.
  2. The promotion shall consist of daily tournaments, each one lasting 3 hours from 11:00 CEST until 14:00 CEST.
  3. Each tournament will have a $1,000 prize pool divided between 20 winners as follows: 1x $250, 2x $100, 5x $50, 12x $25.
  4. Tournament winners will be determined based on the following mechanics: Total wagers (the higher your total wagered amount during the promotion period, the higher your position will be on the leaderboard), Consecutive pay factor (you will be ranked based on your highest equalized payout over a specified number of consecutive rounds during the promotion period), or Most game rounds (the higher the number of bets you make during the promotion period, the higher you will be ranked).
  5. The qualifying game will be specified on the day of the tournament.
  6. All prizes will be in cash.
  7. Only real cash bets count towards the tournaments.
  8. Minimum bet is $0.20, or the next highest available minimum bet depending on the game.
  9. Minimum number of rounds is 25.
  10. The tournament leaderboard will update automatically.
  11. All prizes won will automatically be credited to the players’ casino accounts.
  12. Discounted shop items will be eligible for players level 8 or higher.
  13. Discounted shop items will be a variety of Spin Credits and Free Spins, each with a max purchase of 10.
  14. Vera&John reserves the right to end, change, or alter this promotion at any time.
  15. Each tournament will have its own individual terms and conditions available on the tournament page during its promotion period.
  16. Promotional terms and conditions apply.
  17. General terms and conditions apply.