The more you deposit, the more you could win!

The wait is over! Card Master is back for a limited time only.

In Card Master you can earn a bonus prize equal to a % of the average amount of money you deposit the day before you play Card Master! In other words, if you deposit and play in the 24 hours before each challenge, it will be reflected in the bonus amount you could win the next day! So, the more you deposit, the better! On top of that, the higher your Loyalty Tier, the bigger your maximum bonus will be!:

Let’s go meet our forest guardian, Norn to learn more about Card Master!

How to play "Card Master"

Qualification period: 23 June 2022 16:30 – 27 June 16:30 Promotion period: 24 June 2022 18:00 – 28 June 18:00

To qualify for Card Master, you should deposit at least $50 or more within a 24-hour period starting at 16:30 the day before each Card Master challenge. If you’ve done that you will be able to challenge the Card Master from 18:00 the following day.

That means that if you:

  • Deposit between 16:30 on Thursday and 16:30 on Friday → you can play on Friday after 18:00
  • Deposit between 16:30 on Friday and 16:30 on Saturday → you can play on Saturday after 18:00
  • Deposit between 16:30 on Saturday and 16:30 on Sunday → you can play on Sunday after 18:00

And so on.

Card Master prizes

In Card Master, the amount of bonus you could win is based on a percentage of average deposit amount in the 24-hours before you take the challenge. Additionally, the higher your Loyalty level, the bigger your max bonus will be!

Max bonus amount

  1. Challenger: Up to 40% bonus on average deposit up to $25
  2. Regular: Up to 40% bonus on average deposit up to $50
  3. Advanced: Up to 40% bonus on average deposit up to $75
  4. Experienced Player: Up to 40% bonus on average deposit up to $100
  5. Expert: Up to 50% bonus on average deposit up to $125
  6. Mania: Up to 50% bonus on average deposit up to $150
  7. Master: Up to 75% bonus on average deposit up to $200
  8. New players within 30 days of first deposit: up to 40% bonus on average deposit up to $50

    How to play

    1. Log in after 18:00.
    2. After logging in select Card Master from the Game Lobby
    3. Select one of the five cards presented by Norn
    4. Win a bonus with 20x wr on the card you picked!

    Making the most out of Card Master In Card Master everything depends on the average amount of money that you deposit in the 24-hours leading up to the challenge. So, rather than making small deposits several times, it’s better to make one large deposit so your average bonus amount will increase!

    We know you’re up to the challenge, so set your feet on the path into Norn’s enchanted forest and have fun flipping cards in Vera&John’s Card Master!

    Good luck!

Terms and conditions

    Card Master Terms of condition
    Version 2.0 Last Updated: 23 June 2022

    1. Promotion period (JST):
      From 23 June 2022 16:30 – 28 June 18:00
    2. Players will be entitled to a choice of five cards with different win values, cards will be shuffled face down before selection. The value on the selected card will be credited directly to the player’s account.
    3. To be eligible to participate in the promotion, players must make a qualifying deposit of a total of $50 or more to their Vera&John account within a time frame of 24 hours until 16:30 JST on the day of the Card Master promotion, which starts at 18:00 JST on the same day. Eligible players can participate once every promotion day.
    4. A promotion day starts at 18:00 JST and ends at 17:59 JST the following day.
    5. The Card Master prize will be awarded to the player’s bonus balance. In order to withdraw the bonus, the player must meet the wagering requirement, which is 20 times the bet amount by wagering within 30 days.
    6. The maximum prize is $200 bonus depending on the player’s Loyalty Tier and the amount of money deposited in the 24 hours before 16:30 JST on the day of the campaign.
    7. The amount of prize money that can be won varies from player to player. There is also the possibility that a losing card can be drawn, and a prize is not won.
    8. Vera&John reserves the right to terminate or modify this promotion at any time.
    9. The maximum single bet permitted whilst using a bonus is $6.25 on slot games and $25 on table games. Exceeding this limit will lead to confiscation of any bonus and associated winnings.
    10. campaign general terms and conditions and general terms of conditions apply.