Daily wins for our tournament heroes!

Brave heroes, welcome to the Arena of Heroes! You’re just in time- the battle for your honour (and a massive bonus) is about to begin! Pick out your favourite battle axe and let’s get started.

Good Queen Vera and handsome King John invite you to enter the tournament of a lifetime! Prove your mettle in the arena and you could come back with a hefty chunk of our $61,000 bonus prize pool. Only the court jester would be silly enough to miss out on all that!

Step into the Arena of Heroes and prove that you’re more than just a pretty face with a keen love for casino fun- you’re a champion! Or at least, you will be if you can climb to the top of one of our daily tournament leaderboards. A king’s ransom of $2,000 in bonuses will be split between the top 10 players every day!

What if you can’t quite make it to the heroic ranks? Well, we’ve got you covered there too. Anyone who falls just short of the mark and ranks from 11th to 20th place in any of the tournaments will receive a royal pardon and automatic entry to our Last Stand tournament! You’ll get one more chance to prove your bravery and win a chunk of the last $1,000 bonus prize pot.

Prove that you’re the hero we’ve been waiting for to win some brilliant bonuses… no dragon-slaying or princess-saving required! Check out our daily tournaments to figure out how you could be a tournament hero every single day at Vera&John online casino.


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